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Wednesday, July 1

5 days of Torchwood

"Children of Earth" will start airing in on BBC America July 20h.

Personally, I really don't like the idea of one blast of Torchwood for the Children of the Earth series. Five days in July. Have been awaiting the new 5 episodes since seeing Eve (Gwen) at NY Comicon in Februrary.

And John Barrowman (Captain Jack) doesn't like a "Torchwood miniseries" too much either.

Season 4 is ready and waiting...

Well, I can always watch my videos and read these posts to get excited...
"out of the rift" blog post

Eros, Eve blog post

Gwen and Rhys blog post



At 11:21 AM, Blogger Nick said...

After having watched the first two eps of Children of Earth, I gotta say the format they are doing this year might just be better.

No dull moments thus far and honestly these last two episodes are probably better then most of the prior Torchwood eps.


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