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Tuesday, June 23

DC Nation notes

Wizard World Philadelphia
4PM DC Nation panel
Dan DiDio, Adam S, Bob Wayne, Shane Davis, Rags Morales, Franco.

Dan Didio proclaimed it was an "interesting year" at DC comics, and told us that they listened to our comments about late books.

No one in the crowd was angry about Dick Grayson becoming Batman in Battle for the Cowl-- although a few people really did not like that series! Ray- who is married to a librarian- got a lot of attention for discussing titles he didn't like. Didio joked about editorial mandate' "so if it sucks, it's me!"

A girl dressed as Robin said that Jason Todd wasn't 'that crazy'.

Bob Wayne and he joked and deflected at least 3 comments about price, the recession, and the comic fans wallets.

Wednesday comics
bring back the Sunday comics. A retailer read it and thought the high level of art and writing would draw people to buy.

Potential for two Flash books in future, one is called Flash, what about the other?
"he is fast enough to be in two books" Shane Davis said

Any plans to accelerate trades for fans to read the stories instead of buying comics? Bob Wayne, no...we are not putting out 40 comics a week like our competitor

What was the point of Trinity?See value of the 3 and effects of them

Multiverse stories? That's for Grant to write- has to be a big and right story

Doc Savage- Rags reimagining with Azzarello. not in DCU-- ultimate universe.

Batman and Robin 12 issue arc Phillip Tan on art 4-6 issues after Quitely

Only 3 books late in the last 3 months (only took them 10 years grumbled the guy in front of me)

Sam Keith working on Lobo series now

Magog #1 series

Other sites opinions:
Tweets about #wwp, some with photo and URL links

Glenn Walker- mentions friend Ray re: Battle for the Cowl comments

WWP DC Nation panel from CBR

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