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Thursday, June 25

Wrap up Wizard Philly

The last of my Wizard World Philly posts. All in all, still a fun con with dealers, indie artists, and some good programs. Less wrestlers, bad video game tournaments, and parking scams would improve the show. I feel a single day covered it fine for me, as opposed to the must weekend of New York Comicon.

Wolverine and brother Sabretooth
Geek Boy Press art and T-shirts (new Torchwood shirt is mine!)


Other highlights---
After he called out "redhead fangirl" I hugged Dan Slott (Marvel) outside Dark Reign panel.

Geek Boy Press: bought Torchwood Tshirt

Saw in Artist alley: Dave Perillo, Scott Derby, Tom Whalen, Michael Parla, Tom Schloendorn- indie artists and friends of MidJersey Comicon

Friend RJ, Stormtrooper in the 501st working outside door. Always fun to try to have a discussion through those masks.

met Jill from The Nerdy Bird on her way to the Battlestar Galactica panel

bought a sketch from indie artist K-bo-- redhead anime character

bought a Hero Initiative pin to support them.

WWP09 discussion on the blogosphere:
The Nerdy Bird WWP09 coverage

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