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Friday, June 12

"saving means changing"

Battle for the Cowl, a good and serviceable connection to the Bat Family, but leaving me still unsure about what happened to Jason Todd? and Dick Grayson becomes Batman? Aslso, probably just me, but I haven't really read much with Damian, Bruce's son. Coming up to speed on the four Robins was enough to juggle here.

Tony Daniel, Sandu Florea

Penguin and Two-Face..need Gotham to function in order to sustain themselves. This is something else. Someone else.

Nightwing: Tim went off on his own and did what I refused to do-- take the mantle of the Bat...I refused to take the role of my mentor because that what he asked me to do.
He said he had enough faith in Nightwing and Robin to carry the torch. But Bruce underestimated the psychological effect that Batman had on Gotham.

Vicki Vale: You just compared Batman to God...
Batman Jones: Isn't it that clear that Batman isn't just a man? He's fear, he's consequence, he's retribution..."

Nightwing: Jason, you may be a killer...but you're not stupid.

Bruce's last will and testament didn't go over well with Jason. This is the only way he thinks he can heal.

But Black Mask is dead. Catwoman made sure of that...So if Black Mask is dead, then who's behind the mask?

If only Jason could have reached out..Some people don't want to be saved. Because saving means changing.

Newsarama BftC 3

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