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Sunday, June 21

Emma was Anya

Wizard World Philadelphia panel with Emma Caufield 6/20/09.

2PM Emma Caufield Q&A.
After Emma was introduced, she was all alone on the panel. There was no moderator, and she didn't have any prepared remarks. She's very blonde, and extremely skinny. Actress skinny. But also smart and interesting.

My flip video had low batteries, but managed a few clips.

She discusses 2 new films (Timer was just at Tribeca)and Why am I doing this?

She is also writing 2 screenplays (comedies with edge).

You get spoiled working with Joss.

Darkness Falls- cried in bathroom after viewing, thought it was not the movie she shot, and that she'd never work again.

Webcomic maybe by August called 'contrapussy'--

Super fun to work on Buffy Musical. Infused them with new life. They also got to spend 5 weeks on it rather than 8 days.
Her favorite eps are Spike's origin story, Hush and Selfless.
Asked to be killed off, but didn't expect the end to be so abrupt. Laughed about how she thought she would get a slow motion montage..

Webisodes of Bandwagon may happen-- 2 seasons worth in 3 min clips. Emma plays an awful version of herself and helps a struggling actress...who may or may not be retarded.

imdb Emma Caufield

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