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Sunday, June 21

Philly and the Wiz

A several part series of the Saturday of 2009's Wizard World Philadelphia comicon.

Phillygirl and I arrived just after 9 to the Philly convention center, on a rainy morning. We got to wait outside the building but protected from rain until the doors opened at 10 AM. New this year: wristbands instead of badges. Thought it was cheapness, but hear it's because of bootleg badges past years.

First entering, I noticed the lack of the big Marvel and DC Booths. No free pins, posters, and signing schedules. I usually spend a lot of time checking the DC booth and meeting artists/writers, so that was a big change for me.

However, we were looking at the World War Z books and there was Max Brooks! I asked about 5 questions and he was chewing...but turned out to be so smart, funny and nice. When I said that as a librarian, I'd be useless after the zombie invasion, he said "we have a military to protect people like you!". He said the Zombie Survival Guide comic should be out this October.

We went to the 5-6 PM "Writing the Undead" panel with Max, Fred Van Lente, and John Russo I'll discuss later.

One other great thing about not having a mass of crowds is you get more facetime with bigger names. We met J.G. Jones (52 cover artist). He said he's writing and drawing a graphic novel...and he signed my two Batwoman 52 covers. He did say he had "moved on" from the canned All Star Batgirl project. boo. But nice guy all around.

PhillyGirl at the Wizard booth:

Much more later...

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At 9:48 PM, Blogger RAB said...

Max Brooks' parents have always been among my very biggest personal heroes...and based on what he said to you, their son may earn the same status.


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