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Monday, June 22

Hellblazin' Preachin' Punishin' Garth Ennis

Wizard World Philadelphia 2009
3 PM Ennis/Dillion retrospective

Steve Dillion, me, Garth Ennis

Known each other for 20 years, 11 years difference from when Ennis was 11, Dillion on 2000 AD.

Hellblazer, Preacher, Punisher

"always trusted each other"
Chat about Preacher in an after Pub sort of way, Dillon had to commit to 5 years of it. "telepathic" know what E is after
Wanted it to be more like a Sandman story, but then the characters took over. American story, southern gothic esp. after meeting Jessy's horrible family. Could always count on Tulip as a character, and for Starr to be appalling. Covers the myths of America.

Vertigo GN next two years...200-250 page every day life

Many questions were fielded, but they had yet to talk about The Boys, so I asked about what was the future..and if Garth Ennis was Wee Hughie, because they have the same hairline...
that got a little laugh. He went on to talk about some Scottish character who sat on a bucket, and how Wee Hughie is like Simon Pegg (which I had also thought).

The three issues the Payback team go after The Boys. #2 Superteam in the world, so real competition here. Also a 2 part series with Frenchie and the Female having an issue each. Butcher also finds out about Wee Hughie and Annie...

Frankie the Eunich in Preacher is like Jimmy Palmiotti, who is not a eunich.

On Punisher, Quesada and Palmiotti wanted them to work on it as a team

Superheroes have to be given dignity, Ennis did not grow up reading them as a kid so he can't suspend disbelief as an adult.

Thinks Green Lantern is the strangest--oh, I have this ring, a nuclear weapon--

Hates when superheroes fight in real life wars. Really hated the scene in Iron Man when he only killed terrorists and not civilians; UK and American troops dying in difficult real life situations where they have to kill, and civilians do die.

Garth Ennis signing

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