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Sunday, April 22

Redhead RunnerGirl

I ran a 5K yesterday, with Shoreturtle, PhillyGirl and PhilliesGirl. It was a beautiful warm day, and I had a personal best on my run! Of course, shoreturtle blazed by all of us. We got bagels, ice cream, OJ, energy drinks, run T shirt. It was a well organized and good run. Then I was walloped for the day from getting up early and the all out run.

Have you checked out Twitter yet? My twitter profile:
It asks one question: what are you doing? Dave is going to use his to post flash comic reviews.

Comic wise, I'm now only 1 issue behind in 52, reading up to 52/49. Batwoman captured, Nightwing and Renee- the new Question- go rescue her from Intergang. I'm so glad Didio and DC didn't kill off Nightwing as proposed. The science squad is a little confusing to me, but I understood Black Adam storming Oolong Island and their capture of him. The metal men, Professor Morrow, I just don't know their context. These last few issues have been big Blamo! fight scenes and captures.

Reading Dark Tower 3. The art is still without fault, and the story is unfolding, but why don't I love it? I'm sure if I read the source books.

Friend johno thinks I should try out for the Spider-man musical.

Spider-Man week in NYC

Seth discusses the nudity on the cover of Mighty Avengers. When I had jury duty this week, I brought Buffy and Fell, to avoid the 'embarrassment in public' factor he discusses.

Fell 8 disappoints Andrew.

Review of Harley Quinn in Detective Comics. I was thrilled to see the return of Harley.

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At 12:20 AM, Anonymous Roscoe said...

Congrats on the fine 5K finish! In my younger days, I used to do 10Ks and the ocassional full marathon (I loved LSD, Long Slow Distance), but was never fast enough to do a 5K very well - tried a few, but sucked at them majorly.


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