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Wednesday, April 4

Goodbye to you

My pull list has been getting shorter, as I've dropped titles. There are always new adds (Buffy, The Dark Tower), but I have to get to those long waiting trades (Testament, Preacher) and the fiction I like to read also.

I just read the last issues of two titles I'm dropping: Crossing Midnight 4 and Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis 49, the end of the Busiak arc. You have that odd distance in reading a title you know there is no future with: you want to not get invested.

Crossing Midnight is an interesting title, but I knew from the start that the art didn't appeal to me, for no concrete reason. Sister Toshi has become a geisha-esque assistant, and being broken down by taking away her name and making her subservient. Brother is on a vigil at the hospital after Mom has been cut to shreds, and teams up with Nidoru, with spiky nails and control of needles and pins. I might read the rest in trade form.
"a broken soul is the easiest meat to digest"

American Virgin is another recent Vertigo title I dropped. Still love DMZ, Jack of Fables and Y.

Rex Libris-- the librarian movie!

#81 reason to love comics: redhead Guy Gardner

Librarians love a list: ALA Top 10 Graphic Novels for youth

Gail Simone's Avengers would include: THE SPECKLED AVENGERS
I'm speckled, can I be one?

All I really want is...Girls 24
The conclusion to the wildly popular and utterly disturbing series has been eagerly awaited for months.

It's all geek to me
NYT article that covers -300, conservatives, sci-fi culture, irony and campiness

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At 7:31 AM, Blogger GiantKillerMantis said...

I dropped Crossing Midnight after that issue, too. It's not bad, i just need to cut some stuff and try some new things. Trades are definitely an option. The art fits the story pretty well IMO. It's kind of static, reflecting the mundane part of the character's world, then sort of explodes in these big pages of flying knives and flowing robes, reflecting the weird part of their world.


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