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Tuesday, January 16

"the world needs better good guys"

I completely disagree with this post on Rags Morales, which accuses him of 'ruining his credibility' by working on Identity Crisis. While I too hate the rape-as-plot-point that is too often used for cheap sentimentality- in comics and film; I feel as many voices do that Identity Crisis was more than just a 'rape book'. I'm just catching up on the brave posts by Loren on his A personal story: Identity Crisis and Rape As you can see from the photo here on my blog, I've met Rags several times and believe he is one of the good ones worth defending (i.e., not Liefeld, Land, Cho, Miller).

On to better news:Dan Slott, one of the most decent and talented writers in comics, has been confirmed as the writer of the 6 issue Avengers: The Initiative, Spring 2007 [CSN 1020]. Quesada says "Slott is the real deal, he's impressed us to no end. He is the biggest superstar in comics that no one knows about." Joe, some of us have been waving the Slott flag for quite a while, and I was lucky enough to grab him on his way up to come down to my first comicon. {god, this is turning into a name dropping post!} His work on She-Hulk invigorated a long dormant character, and this The Thing issues were excellent despite poor sales. Success for Slott is good news for all comic fans!

Geoff Johns is quoted as saying that the Justice Society is "obviously my favorite book to write" and that one new character that fans have taken too is the redheaded Maxine Hunkel [CSN 1019]. "Maxine is my favorite new character. She has a very endearing quality. There's something appealing about having a character who is a fan-girl, who tries too hard. And I love how Dale designed her- I think she's cute as a button!" Thanks Geoff, we think you are so in the cute camp yourself. I guess I can relate to a very chatty redhead fangirl! Dale Eaglesham does the best Stargirl art, and see her interact here in JSA 2 with a traumatized Maxine. "the world needs better good guys" and girls, too.

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At 11:20 PM, Anonymous Loren said...

Thank you for your kind comments at my blog, Red. Yeah...Avi Green is a strange bird. I don't know him personally, so I can't say much about him. But, given what I can get out of reading his blogs, he really rants about the strangest instances of discrimination without ever talking with any of the creators...and, at the same time, he seems to hate gay people. So, there's a bit of a hypocrisy there...but, WHATEVER...

Anyway, thanks again for your kind comments.

At 1:45 AM, Blogger Avi Green said...

Javier, I'm going to ignore for now that you may have stooped to what you suggest I'm doing, just because I once voiced my objections to DC turning Obsidian homosexual. I may not have much time to comment on other blogs (as another blogger I know once noted, everyone's got a blog, even the hard-at-work busybodies), but it's not that much of a secret that I'm of a conservative standing these days (what meaning does conservatism have, really? Beats me, because there's really not that much meaning to the terms "conserve" and "liberal").

Now, I see that RedLib here feels that Identity Crisis was more than just a rape book. Well, lemme ask you this now: did you ever take into consideration that the book largely lacks a female viewpoint? Hey, even I may not have thought about that when I first stumbled over that monstrosity. But there you have it, a reason why some, if not all, of the female crowd find it offensive, because their voice is blotted out, and even some of the male crowd can find it distasteful too if they understand that.

Oh, I get it, the reason you think it's "more than just" is because of the camoflaged political messages it featured? Well, that's exactly what put me off about it as well. It's also one of the things that offended me about Marvel's "The Truth" miniseries, and even turns me away from "Civil War".

You may not take offense at the one-sided approach the book has, but here's something to think about: if Sue Dibny and Jean Loring were members of minority groups, similar to Kendra Saunders' mother, and Dr. Light had violated the former lady out of a hate crime, would you have been so quick to justify IC's rancid existence? How does being perfectly white make it all legit?

Make of this what you will. But as for me, I stand firmly by how I feel with might and main, and find that book a blasphemy for precisely the reasons I've at least hinted at above.

Viszlát részére most.

At 5:48 AM, Anonymous Paragon Kobold said...

For Avi's version of tolerance, read this:

At 9:01 AM, Blogger Gordon said...

First as a public service, the post Paragon cited is here

I believe in diversity of viewpoints - it makes for better discussion, and there's something to be learned from everyone.

However, let's go back to Identity Crisis - had Mr. Meltzer off-handedly referred to rape without a graphic depiction, would it still work as a book? Yes, with some very spotty moments and leaps of logic. It was a story about, ultimately, how small moral compromises in the best of us can lead to traumatic results. (I'm on the "yes, there is misogyny in the book, but is Mr. Morales responsible - no, he didn't write it.")

I'm also not going to attack Mr. Green, but suffice it to say - I've read his blog. It's not my cup of tea. I disagree with him strongly. But I sure as heck would not attack his character the way he has Mr. Morales and Lorien.

Just my opinion, by the way.


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