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Saturday, December 30

It was the hats.

She-Hulk 14
"Everything you wanted to know about Awesome Andy but were afraid to ask"
Awesome Andy gets his solo story here, in the aftermath of falling in love with lawyer Mallory. Andy is a living android, from a Reed Richards discovery twisted by The Thinker "to my own ends". Andy grew to mimic any living creature, and wield Thor's hammer, to make his first choices on his own. He worked at the law firm to pay back his case.
Along the way, they liked and cared for him. He used Ero's love powers to make Mallory love him, and now she runs to Two-Gun leaving a heartbroken Andy.
"If I'm a person...and I did those things to Mallory..then I don't like the person I've become." And She-Hulk, in a Civil War bit, has been drafted as an agent of S.H.E.I.L.D.

There is a searing letter in the back criticizing penciller
Rick Burchett saying "my six year old could do a better job". He also goes on to insult Mike Oeming, the Asst. Editors, and the storyline. While that was just foul, I do wonder about the She-Hulk art. For example, look at how frail and skinny she looks in these panels. It doesn't look like the pinnacle of strength that Jen Walters is to me. Anyone else have thoughts on this, or Burchett in general?

As always, I'm still following the events in 52, but just got 34 today. Loved the Batwoman/Nightwing cover, and the dialogue when he gave her a real batarang. Charlie's painful illness and Kate with Renee was nice-- all though the interior art of Kate was very different than previous versions. Black Adam's continues to grow and change in the name of his family, but will that redeem him from his "international terrorist" life. Check out the 52 pickup blog for the weekly rundown.

I guess I missed JLA 3, because I was lost at the start of 4. The Benes art is great, Roy and Dinah good in the fight scenes, and those nutty starros are not organic, and Red Tornado deals with being human. "Is that my blood?". Meltzer is good with the dramatic ender-- a huge Solomon Grundy saying "And I'm sick and tired of dying."

Hope you all read the Secret Six 6 finale. The Mad Hatter is mad, then accepted, then, well, something else. Ragdoll is perfect, and Knockout made me laugh aloud when she tells Catman "Your mercy tastes like vomit on my tongue, Blake. Be grateful you're pleasant to look at, Kitten." For you sorry folks who missed this series, the trade is out in March.

Today I went to an amazing reenactment of the Second Battle of Trenton, held almost at the same place Washington fought the British and Hessian armies. After, I got $41 worth of comics for this week alone, so more thoughts soon.


At 5:04 PM, Blogger Bill Reed said...

I assume Jen Walters is supposed to look skinny and She-Hulk is supposed to look less so.

At 7:06 PM, Anonymous Loren said...

I loved Secret Six and really hope it gets an ongoing. While its sort of a Suicide Squad concept, the characters in Secret Six are wonderful. I loved Ragdoll the moment he appeared in Villain United and has become one of my favorite characters. I LOVED the moment he had with Mad Hatter at the end (I won't say what it is as not to spoil it for people who haven't read it yet).

Happy New Year, Red!

At 12:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burchett is great. An artist's artist - not flashy, just gets on with telling a story well, and doing the basics flawlessly.

And exaggerating Jen's frailty has been something every artist on this book has been doing (look at the over-sized baggy suit on her in the Juan Bobillo issues)and should do, in order to symbolise the psychological differences between her and She-Hulk.


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