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Monday, January 15

so fast, so numb

If you are wondering about the odd subjects this week, I'm honoring REM for their much deserved entry to the Rock and roll hall of fame. I had the best time when I visited the museum in Cleveland. Everyone should go there once!

Win original Marvel Zombies art

Moon Knight: Vol. 1 in hardcover

Guy Gardner Collateral Damage 1 and 2
Howard Chaykin (writer and artist) spins a Guy Gardner story, with a lot of teeth, big lips and eyes. It was great to see Guy have his own title, as one of my favorite redheads in comics (see my December list). There are all the Guy moments you'd expect, with arrogant comebacks, and all-out aggression. The story involves the Rann-Thanagar War, of which I know zip about. It was a bit tricky for me to follow the sides, plus the Tormocks, plus the Lanterns, like G'nort of G'newt- the best name in comics. The setup is that Guy becomes the 'neutral arbitrator', the "Green Lantern with an ego bigger than the Power Battery and an opinion of himself only slightly vaster than the distance between the two worlds at war".

What I hoped to see, without a rewriting of the character, was a little less buffoonish Guy and more of how his rough early years shaped his current smug and arrogant persona. The art is all Chaykin - someone also said on a blog that he has 'rectangular heads' in addition to his teeth and nipples. That's funny. These are $5.99 each, for 24x2 pages of art, which must keep a few fans away I would think.

Keith Giffen Kody Chamberlain
If you like horror/thriller, give Tag a try. Issue 1 starts with a restaurant breakup "The cliche lives. Drop the breakup bomb in front of a live audience." Mitch leaves the restaurant and skeletal zombie type touches him and says "Tag! You're it.". After a hospital visit where he is not breathing, and with a body temp just above room temp, he tries to figure out what is happening. The art is shadowy, with lots of facial closeups. And the truth might be found in the blogosphere...

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REM kicks ass. Good that they got the recognition they deserve.


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