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Monday, January 1

Graphic Novels: the golden age is right now


One of my first acts of 2007 was to finally move to the new blogger. After a careful backup and some finger-crossing, it was painless. Everytime I logged in to "old blogger" I kept thinking of the old prospector in the Brady Bunch, and felt like saying stuff like "back in aught-05 we didn't have things like tags!".

I wanted to do a Best of list, but the holiday business put me behind the 8ball. You might want to read Tom's year end list. Thing #8-- cool of him to point that series ender by Slott out.

And all should read Loren's 2007 diversity wishes, where he "asked several of my favorite bloggers and podcasters, who I really admire for their perspectives on diversity in comic books, if they wouldn’t mind sharing some wishes for 2007" Even even picked me!

Publishers Weekly Comics Week Best of 2006
Of the best list, I've read Fun Home, American Born Chinese, Marvel Zombies, Nextwave and Sloth. Also a few of the Honorable Mentions, but I am sad to see Pride of Baghdad overlooked. It's hard for me to place the trades within a year, often I've read them in floppy form (like Villains United) and they are released later. There are also lists of Manga and Manhwa, which are less my bag, except ordering for the library collection.

Dan Nadel: this year once again demonstrates the virtues of small, brilliant publishers like Drawn & Quarterly and Fantagraphics. Nurturing unique artists, growing with them, and releasing quality work remains the best (and oddly unique to these two companies!) business model

Douglas Wolk: No getting around it: this was the best year for English-language comics ever. There's so much good stuff, new and old, coming out, because there's an audience for it like there's never been before, which means that there's an economic scaffolding to support it

Jason Persse: With the average cost of a single comic book at around three dollars, it has become cheaper for collectors and casual readers alike to await the trade paperback of even the most common super-hero stories

And a few December referrals - the winding road on the interweb to this blog-
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At 6:31 PM, Anonymous Loren said...

That's because you're one of my faves who I really admire for their perspectives on diversity in comic books! Thanks again for participating!

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Loren said...

PS - I have to say that these two are my favorite referrals for you:

barbara eden cheesecake
chainmail hotpants


chainmail hotpants? that's gotta hurt!

At 1:24 PM, Blogger Ragtime said...

I think I earn 2 Feminist Demerits for immediately Google Imaging "chainmail hotpants".

Alas (or fortunately), no images emerged.


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