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Thursday, January 4

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Took a nice run today, in 50 degree weather here, due to El Nino and greenhouse gases. The campus I run at was quiet until the entire men's cross country team smoked by me. My plan is to run a few 5Ks this year, with C and Phillygirl. Last night stopped by to see B at the comic store, and he was reading a book because it was deadly quiet- on a comic Wed? But the holiday pushes books til tomorrow. He is big on the new Virgin line of comics, particularly 7 brothers and Devi. When the reprints come in, I'll give them a shot. Hindu mythology didn't appeal to me, but the glossy art does look different. This is what I try to convince the other librarians: comics and graphic novels are a format for the entire world of stories, not just a genre of superheroes.

Recent reads:
Jack of Fables 6
If you are like me and have only read one Fables trade and want to get in, I highly recommend the Jack of Fables series. Sturges and Willingham in this issue construct yet another Jack from fables-- Jack Frost. It involves his normal scoundrel ways to woo the Winter Queen. Pop up interruptions from Priscilla Page and Revise from the first series arc are just perfect. Steve Leialoha's art of the winter castle, the queen and Jack are a great match for the story, where the art doesn't overpower the writing. Absolutely one of my favorites from 2006.

Creeper 5

The joker and creeper scenes were great this issue. Their 'sharing of blood' is discussed in this panel.

Crossing Midnight 2
I will say I am still on the fence on this title. From the sales figures, it's not selling like hotcakes, but seems to be listed through a first arc at least. Mike Carey has crafted the story that uses Japanese mythology and horror elements in the modern day story of twins- Toshi and Kai- only one of which the power to bend knives and not get hurt. Art is by Jim Fern (FABLES) and Mark Pennington (SHADE, THE CHANGING MAN). I can't say I love the art, just from personal preference -- it reminds me of japanese tapestry. Except for the many gallons of blood spilled. Horror, myth, siblings, tradition, in one package.

The Boys 6
(you need to read it just to understand the cover art!)
So now I'm all caught up and actually looked forward to issue 6 here. There is no doubt it is vile in some ways, and could have probably restrained and still gotten the same message across. But, from the all American Starlight getting her top sliced open for her new costume, to Hughie's loss of his girlfriend because of showboating supes, the series makes me pull for this team of crazies. The supes are the drug addicted, perverted, get anything they want characters-- see them as the 80s jock in the teen movie. From the mockery of costumes to superhero funerals, Ennis adds it all to the mix.

Getting more excited for next months' New York Comic Con. Not only will the huge array of artists and writers be there, and Stephen King!, but Brian K. Vaughan was just announced. Thank god they recognize librarians as professionals and gave me a badge!

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At 2:05 PM, Blogger PhillyGirl said...

I'm so glad I got you hooked on The Boys. It actually has a wiki and according to an interview, Ennis is thinking about making it a 60 issue series. Yes! There is a lot more debauchery to come.

Looking forward to the NY Comicon. I'm really hoping to see Stephen King and BKV.

At 4:09 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Wish being a librarian helped me blag decent stuff. Rather than just, y'know, the odd pencil or mug.

At 8:38 AM, Blogger Steve Bergson said...

There's even going to be a panel on Jewish comics on Sunday, which will be moderated by a Jewish librarian (that would be me).


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