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Thursday, December 28

"This isn't just gonna blow over"

After spending a near week with only dial-up in Ohio, god bless ya if you visit my site without high speed internet access. You are dedicated!

I think I better change my profile picture here- I'm gonna be cold this winter!

Thanks to all new 'friends' on my comic space account. It's great getting your comments and coming across new artists and fans. Now I've been playing in the locations tags to find 'friends' from around the world.

French message board discussing my redhead countdown.

Criminal 3

Ed Brubaker, I adore this title (and fedoras!). In the same brutal yet sweet way I loved Sleeper, you have again brought the crime story, with desperation, redemption and romantic tinges to life. The tender interplay here wtih Greta and Leo, while she recovers from a gun shot wound, is a nice bridge from the set-up action to the forthcoming action.

When the naked auburn haired Greta (Sean Phillips beautiful but not exploitative art) wonders if she should show her hideous scar to him, Leo responds with:
"Scars make your body more beautiful, Greta". I reread this scene several times, pondering how Leo told her the version of the always-loved 'I like you just for who you are'.
I wonder if Ed or Sean have a thing for redheads, because Miss Misery in Sleeper also was of the trouble/love interest vein.

and the ain't-it-the-truth quote--
"You're different than I always thought you were.
"People usually are..."
"Yeah, but usually it's a disappointment."

Hop on board if you haven't yet- it's only issue 3 so you can catch up.

Phillygirl lent me her floppies of Garth Ennis The Boys. Only read issue 1, raunchy and sick at points, but intriguing to consider the dark side of superpowers. The first 6 issue will be available March 07 in trade

Phillygirl and I also disagree on Brian K. Vaughan joining the writing staff of Lost. Love BKV, love Lost, but as one of his DC coworkers said to me, once Hollywood comes calling, not just the money but the creative freedom making film and shows-- it will be hard to give comics the time. Look how long it took Lindelof (Lost co-creator) to work on the Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine. With Y ending, and the leaving Runaways, there will be less BKV tasty comic goodness for all.

More reviews to come because I got caught up while away. The trip has reminded me that I'm so lucky to have 2 comic stores in about 15-20 minutes, plus a Barnes and Noble for GN's, and the library, 'course. At a guitar shop in Angola, IN, they asked if "I was from around here". Nice midwestern types, in a cute but small town- guess they pegged me as not local.


At 4:59 PM, Blogger Justin said...

I quite like comicspace, wish I could think of more to do with it. Right now it feels like little more than a placeholder, not saying I don't beam at alot of the people holding those places though.

Kudos on the message board discussion.

I completely agree about Ed Brubaker, very much my writer to watch out for. I met the man at a local con, and he just seems very sincere, and I think his work conveys his passion.

I am afraid I disagree with you on BKV as well. I think part of Lindelof coming here is that he underestimated what he signed on for. We have yet to see what the reverse will result in. BKV has always been prolific, I think it will just be transferred. And as far as less for all is concerned, hopefully this will allow for wider exposure.

You are also very lucky for the comic shops being so close, and probably more swanky then my options. I really need to get into my library though.

Great to see you blogging again.

At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Nick said...

If you think The Boys was raunchy in the first issue, lol...let's just say things get much MUCH more explicit.

On the issue of BKV & Lost, I am not a fan of it. Lost is gradually turning into what Alias got turned into, a great show until the 3rd season or so, when the audience finally figured "Crap they're never gonna answer anything fully are they". I don't know I just think BKV's talents are better spent elsewhere, even with Whedon taking over BKVs writing spot on Runaways things just won't be the same on that series.

On a completely random note, hope your holidays have been going well.

At 12:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure none of my new "friends" on Comicspace aren't bothering to read my blog.


At 10:58 AM, Blogger redlib said...

Justin and Nick, so good to hear your differing opinions regarding the Lost/BKV story. My interest in Lost has been waning, so maybe the BKV shot will draw me back in.

Nick, just finished 2-5 of The Boys, you were so right. But it's getting good so I think I'll add it.

Mark, I blame it on the way you spell "centre"

At 1:06 PM, Blogger PhillyGirl said...

I'm glad you like The Boys. Yeah, it's a bit hard core, but I just love it. It's so creative, and really, if there really were superheros, don't you think they'd be like the Seven?

Nick, I agree about Alias, but I still have faith in Lost. I'm not giving up yet.

At 5:12 PM, Blogger notintheface said...

Hope it doesn't affect EX MACHINA.


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