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Monday, October 30

Hi, how are you?

Two interesting DVD's you might want to check out:
The Devil and Daniel Johnston- musician and artist and manic depressive. Many of Daniel's drawings are comic characters, or take offs, like Silver Sufferer. I've always loved "folk art". His music and life story told authenticically through his own video and audio tapes. I love movies like this, Tarnation, Capturing the Friedmans: the digital age where people have cataloged their lives without being celebrity status.
Clean Heroin addict, fading rock star, son, Nick Nolte. Somewhat slow but well done.

and a book: The Keep
In this chilling follow-up -- a deft mix of psychological suspense, unconventional romance, and eerie allegory -- Egan hones the interlocking-tales device to razor-edged perfection.

and a few posts that I tweaked my interest recently---

Brother Dave at YACB posts of Too Many Comics
I heard somewhere that the average person takes in as much information in a single week as a person in medieval times did in their whole lives.

The Comic Treadmill writes about current day Marvel
'I've written before of my distaste for the current editorial attitude toward readership, which consists of flipping the figurative bird at anyone who doesn't like what is going on by dismissing him or her as an old fogy and proclaiming that Marvel Comics are for the hip younger crowd. To emphasize that Marvel is only for the new, cool kids, current Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada is going to great lengths to soil the appeal of the older generation of characters. The strategy? Today's Marvel heroes are unlikable but tres cool and that's what matters. Or so the thinking goes anyway.'

Comics Fairplay takes on the FOW Hot Artist List
'I have come to loathe those lists. How in the heck the staff pick these creators is beyond me. It has become the same old tired group of folks month after month. I am dying to see new blood on the lists!!'

Comic, but not comics: Hot Lines

JOHN MULANEY: “The White House never wants to explain what they’re doing in Iraq or why. It’s like they want us to look at the war as modern art. We’re not supposed to ‘get’ it, and we’d look pretty stupid for asking any questions. We’re like, ‘Hey, you just blew up a hospital!,’ and they’re like, ‘Please. It’s part of a larger piece.’”


At 3:48 PM, Blogger inkdestroyedmybrush said...

I loved that quote as well about quesada and the marvel properties. I posted about it as well on my blog

the rest of the quotes are uniformly hysterical as well! I love that you find this stuff!

At 12:40 PM, Blogger Joe said...

That Daniel Johnston DVD sounds interesting...I've never really heard his stuff in depth...a couple of ween forumers are talking about it...I gotta go rent it.

Rock on!


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