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Sunday, October 22

Heroes, cops, vampires

Blogger has not let me add an image for a week! Sorry for the lack of visual content.

Ellis on the Nextwave cancellation I guess my indecision on Nextwave has resolved itself. At least we'll get the 'Mark Millar licks goats cover' to remember the series by.

Birds of Prey 98 Headhunt part 3
No I haven't read BOP 99, but BOP 98 helps Oracle uncover the "woeful loser that stole my name", a gray Tshirt, hiking boot Misfit. "You sweetie, are no Batgirl" "I am though Dinah. I was meant to be Batgirl."

Best line: "You haven't had a date since that thing with Dick. You guys have cobwebs in inappropriate areas"

52 21, 22, 23, 24
Still like the series, with the four distinct plot lines and many characters. It's like the ensemble drama of the comic world. Luthor's Infinity Inc. superheroes, "why shouldn't everyone have a choice to be a hero?" question (the flip side of the X-men "would you want to not be a mutant") -- boils down to once again that everything has a cost. This cost is that Luthor can turn off your powers to make your death good TV.

I want to know the follow-up to:
"Good news, sir. Your son Kon-El did not die in Crisis after all."

We are up to 52 24. The Lexcorp Labs group includign Dynamole! Pole Dancer! Jack of all Trades! Immortal Bald Man! inserts itself into a fight. Super-Chief is targeted by Skeets, and
as I stated above "Reward without ordeal? This is the bottom line...Magic never comes without a price".

Bite Club 5
Is it me or did this series end very anti-climatically, and with a whimper? Vampire cop has lusty sex with Risa Del Toro, then quits the force, the girl, and walks down a beach to "find the right kind of life for myself." And goes to communion "acceptance is everything". Eh.

Cross Bronx 2 continues the gritty content of a police procedural with Mike Oeming's unique panel and page layouts, artwork bathed in purples and reds, and the "smell of magic and spirits" as they investigate the assault of a young girl.
"All I want to to show this kid...just once..Something that fits the last pictures of that little girl"


At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah. Although I'm still trying to figure out where an "appropriate area" to have cobwebs would be!

At 6:06 PM, Blogger Rae said...

I can ONLY get images to post if I use Firefox now. Explorer never, ever lets me post pics.


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