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Thursday, October 26

Paging Doctor Strange

Dr. Strange 1
"Unless we work quickly, he's going to be a handsome angel"
Let's start with my admission that I am completely unfamiliar with Doctor Strange. I walk past the Essential Dr. Strange at the library, but have not been compelled to read it, even after starting this series. This was a strength of writer purchase, purely on Brian K. Vaughan's name. There were hints of his usual pop culture references:
"He's deader than dial-up".
But overall, a near-death and back story. Wong, Dr. Strange's servant, is a near stereotype at this point in time, but his brain tumors are what propel Strange to look for a an elixir at any cost.
"If there's one thing I hate, it's incanting in Latin."
There were pages I did like, but the Marcus Martin interior art didn't seem to have the depth or emotion. Is it an homage to the original art? Strange (ha) because MM did the Batgirl: Year One art that is just spot-on.

Catwoman 59 and 60
Cheesecake Hughes covers aside, Will Pfiefer delivers with well drawn characters in Selina, Holly, Ted and the suspense of the cat-baby daddy, and now the action of the Film Freak recreating movie scenes-- getting a bomb a la Dr. Strangelove.

"I have a whole new set of responsiblities, but I still have the old ones too. We have to do something for Holly."

"The war on costumes is over. Gordon is back in charge."

She-Hulk 12
Not sure of the exact quote, but Slott always gets an insider zinger in (and this one while praising librarians!)
"the head of our reference library, Mr. Cicero was practically irreplaceable. He knew everything about comics and continuity"
"The way comics are today, that shouldn't be a problem"

Picks of the last few weeks are the 25 cent Fables and the 50 cent Sandman preview issues. DMZ 12: New York Times is a "rough guide to the city" from Matty Roth, photojournalist. Of Bitter Souls has issue 2, the continued saga of Bourbon Street zombies (remember I was a zombie in OBS1).


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