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Tuesday, August 1

Variety of monkey outfits

'best of' July referrals-

Peter Parker crying
redheads are evil
legs smell
are redheads considered aryan
petition to get Joe Quesada fired
batgirl was a librarian
redhead girl in spiderman
fanart Pippi Longstocking
paint like Alex Ross
ginger hair milkman
bookworms turns gotham burns
how not to be a fangirl
quitely, aquaman
dead ant, dead ant
comic nerds in love PVP
redophiles and blogs
kickboxing sport of the future
tempers and redheads
"i would shower you with such affection as to make the sky lament the insufficiency of rain"
redheads descended from cat

Secret Six, just caught up. Issues 1 and 2 were well done, thanks again Gail Simone!
Ragdoll: "I'm buying a monkey house and a variety of monkey outfits"
Don't tell us these things, Ragdoll

Scandal: "you put my heart in a coma. And my mercy has left for the evening."

American Virgin 5 Seagle/ Becky Cloonan
Nice to see another top line female in the comic world. AV focuses this issue on the funeral of his beloved Cassie, and Adam loses it during the eulogy and imagines her naked body before him.

Religous stuff- better place, never forgotten, god's love, yeah. What about my love? God left me in this place- alone.

Continuing to be tested, a green eyed redhead comes on to him, despite having signed his virginity pledge and with David.
"before then I want to be with you..once"

Warmed up more to Eternals 2 by Gaiman. Big party, hostage scene, and Mark being summoned telepathically.

Aquaman (Busiak and Guice)- started with some retro art a la the Justic League 70s show:
"I pretty much knew him from that cartoon. You know the one with the stupid walrus." This new, teen Arthur Curry still looks like a grizzled 40 year old, and why a new breathing-underwater Arthur Curry exists is still unresolved. "Prophecies can be slippery- patterns do reoccur."


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