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Saturday, July 29

Teams aren't easy, Clark.

Everyone should read Chris at 2 Guys Avengers vs. Quesada
and Guy at CB commentary Uncle Sam review:

"Uncle Sam, on the other hand, just might be the one your parents warned you about. All candy and roses and promises in the beginning, it's probably going to break your heart because, in the end, all superhero comics are alike. It's how they treat you before it's over that counts, though, and Uncle Sam is starting off with all the right moves. Maybe this time it'll be different?"

Nice work, boys.

After a run of comics I haven't liked- here's a few that floated my boat.

Girls 15
The Luna Brothers announced that the Ultra pilot was not ordered to series. I loved Ultra, but am glad they don't have to split their comic work with a TV series. I wonder too about Brian K. Vaughan, working on both a Y and Ex Machina movie-- once they have success with scripts, the money, fame and still being creative has to drawn them away from comics.

Merv, you snuck into the shed and had sex with one of those girls!
It was an experiment to see if she laid eggs!

12 eggs since she conceived yesterday

Tired after her husband Kenny ran off, men sleeping with these girls and creating more eggs that attack the women- loses it, takes Teds gun after he slaps his wife, and shoots him accidentally. Looks like he survived. She orders all the men in the shed after shooting the girls locked up there. Brutal, but a choice that probably needed to be made. A zombie, vampire, or other threat would have been killed straight off - but young girls that don't transform into something gross is a harder choice.

However, Kenny chases one of the naked girls- to the woods where there are 12 saying "hi". I suspect he'll give in to lust.

Brad Meltzer brings a poignant look back at the "big 3" of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman. Through the use of different artists to recreate different JLA looks, the story jells with the nostalgic words and images. The timeline is a bit weird "yesterday" "today" to follow, but not having expectations, I enjoyed it. And the final panel of the 3 chest symbols with "time to move on" was quite good.

Teams aren't easy, Clark. The dynamics, all the personalities...

Martians and magic green aliens?
It's a new world, Bruce. It's not just ours anymore.

Friends you consider equals. Best friends ones you consider your better.

She Hulk 9
Slott, Paul Smith pencils
The cover art of She-Hulk sporting a huge diamond ring- very campy!
It's great to see the issues coming out from the insider info Dan Slott told me about at Wizard. The many panels of the characters spitting out their drink when the TV announces She-Hulk married John Jameson is 9 panels of fun. Andy with his board in bubbles with Mallory- how absurd is that!
J. Jonah has them to dinner, and they end up fighting
"Green haired hussy!" "Flat topped fink!". Can't do it justice, just read the issue!

There is drama that Starfox touched Jen and John, and then they were all lovey dovey. How will this storyline play out?


At 4:10 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Thanks for the mention!

At 9:27 AM, Blogger I. N. J. Culbard said...

My fave line in JLA 0. "Did he say "Friends"?"

This book's headed in a great direction.


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