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Sunday, July 16

Fighting you don't have to

Today, tired after a week at the beach and going to my niece's wedding Sat, I went to the first South Jersey Comicon, with Phillygirl and BoldVenture R. They had a great turnout for a first show, about 20 tables of just long boxes and trades, from a lot of dealer friends who set up at our show. Got a Strangers in Paradise, 2 Birds of Prey trades for 1/2 off, YtLM 6, and lots of the 95 Millar run on Swamp Thing. So congrats to Richard for his new show- I know how much it takes to run a con-- lots of emails, calls, spreadsheets, flyers, press kits.
MidJersey Comicon 3, August 12. Luckily, we sold 41 tables already.

Phillygirl and I also traded lots of comics.
One comic that I haven't heard any buzz on is The Middle Man- written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach, a writer and producer on the show Lost that she met. Art by Les McClane , black and white interiors but very effective panels of the blonde and scruffy middleman and the sassy redhead Wendy. I have read issues 1 and 2, and now have 6 more to read. If you like smart female heroines, gunplay, and the strong and shadowy male lead-- give this comic a try Wendy has witty comebacks and dialogue, but she's also the strong side-kick to the alien hunting Middleman (who is very cute with his square masculine face!)

Let's just take their plot summary--

Wendy Watson thought she knew her own life - an endless streams of meaningless temp jobs and artist's block - until a freak accident brought her into contact with The Middleman: a covert operative in the world's most absurdly secretive organization. Drafted into the ranks of The Middleman's highly enigmatic operation, Wendy now works with her new mentor as the planet's first line of defense against threats extra-, infra- and juxta terrestrial and is bound by a solemn oath to the Middleman creed...

...fighting evil, so you don't have to!

Having almost caught up, I now have tons more to read!


At 6:54 PM, Blogger ShoreTurtle said...

Evil, evil, evil. Impolite and Evil.

At 6:08 AM, Blogger PhillyGirl said...

Yay for the Middle Man! Viper Comics will be at the Comicon in San Diego and they are releasing Volume 2 of the Middle Man w/ a special Legends of the Middle Man. So if you go to that, check them out.

Also, Javi's Blog at LJ:


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