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Tuesday, July 25

That's Batwoman. Hot Damn.

There's nothing better than a redhead in a red dress...

Unless she is wearing black spandex and red combat boots.
Even I'm a little turned on by Batwoman.
As Charlie says in 52 "Hubba hubba". So far, with the minimal character development of Batwoman, I like her. Renee's underlying feelings from their relationship and her determination to follow the warehouse story are a good base for an interesting character.

Other reads in my comic melting pot:
issues up to DMZ 9 (4 of 5)
Vertigo has been building an audience for new series like DMZ, The Exterminators, and American Virgin (soon in TP) by releasing the trades fast on the heels on the first issue arcs being released. A good strategy, because while it was hard to get a DMZ issue before, it's more popular now.

Matty, torn between the people like Zee he meets in the DMZ, the Free States, and the US Army, is the only person reporting in the DMZ with live video."I figure I'm doing good, getting my stories out there. Hopefully building a career. I'm the best shot to bring Vicktor home."

When Eve Lindon, the 'hottie from two towns over' appears to be his contact,
'somethings not right'.
"Why does everyone have to be such a goddamn disappointment?"

The army announces that Matt is dead, and is using him to further their agenda with full military action. His plan is to move and not give them his body as proof, and to broadcast alive.

Ex Machina Special 2
Mitchell Hundred faces Pherson, who replicated his voice to duplicate abilities, and has released all the animals at the zoo and a shelter. I think this was an interesting 2 shot on it's own, but wonder exactly why it was produced this way. To give Chris Sprouse on pencils a chance while Tony Harris is on other things? The art was good, including good detail and look of the Great Machine. This issue also dealt with Mitchell's anti-death penalty stance, and how difficult that can be to defend as mayor. [in a 'culture where the bad guy dies at the end'.]

"Evil is not an illness, Mitchell"
"You know the rules, killing makes us no better than our enemies"

Ex Machina- still one of the smartest comics available.

Superman 4 Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely
Estoreal posted that All Star Superman 4 is the best Superman in nearly 20 years
The Superman/Jimmy Olson war-
"The black Superman is everything you're not - a bully, coward and a liar"
and Jimmy Olson woos his girlfriend back with "I love Lucy" written on the moon.

Can I summarize in only 6 words?
Invincible 33 bloody fight with Invincible and Angstrom
Marvel Team Up 21 Freedom Ring nearly dies fighting Abomination
Grimm Fairy Tales Munchausen by proxy stepmom poisons cheerleader
Green Arrow 63 Ollie mayor surprised Deathstroke gave up
Moon Knight Spector reminded what he loves doing
OMAC #1 Drug addict Costnerlast OMAC unstoppable
The all-new Atom Choi shrunk to atom big mouse


At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Vincent J. Murphy said...

I know that in comics, blue=black, but for the life of me, I think the blue/black/red Batwoman costume looks bad with the blue. I'd rather see it as black/grey/red. Looks much, much cooler.

At 7:15 PM, Blogger redlib said...

I like the grey with red batlogo and black cape too. Everything has to be dark, dark these days-- spidey's getting in that symbiote black suit in the movie next.

At 7:31 PM, Blogger RAB said...

I've always dreamed of being the go-to guy for pithy quotes. Thanks for that!

Even if it makes me a traitor to my kind, I have a slight problem with Kate Kane's red dress and pneumatic figure. Paris Hilton notwithstanding, there is a difference between being an attractive wealthy socialite who dresses elegantly and looking like a streetwalker. She should be sexy but still have some class, you know? And wearing an evening cocktail dress at least a size too small to walk through the park in daylight isn't classy. Does this make me sound like somebody's grandfather?

Some part of me thinks Kate should be just a touch older than she's being drawn...but clearly I'm thinking of this gal.

At 11:17 AM, Blogger Rich said...

"I know that in comics, blue-black..."

Back in "the day," shoddy printing on lousy paper called for blue to suggest wrinkles in black fabric, hair, etc. Today, they can use a more subtle grey, with better printing and paper -- and it makes black objects look black.

"I like the grey with red batlogo and black cape too."

Continuity-wise, I suppose they can always claim this is where Bruce would eventually get the inspiration for the "Batman Beyond" costume. I don't get it. Why didn't they design something new or a little different?

At 7:37 AM, Blogger I. N. J. Culbard said...

I'm loving 52 right now, and Greg Ruka saying he wants to write "The Question" forever.... YES PLEASE. Montoya and Charlie's story is just great and the Batwoman is working really well. I'm loving Superman and Batman in their respective 1 yr later moulds so it's just great to be getting morsels of what's to come from those two great titles.


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