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Thursday, July 6

The bookworm turns

Publishers Weekly article- includes Bob Wayne who I spoke with 2x at Wizard!
A new era in comics publishing: a roundtable

The participants: Bob Wayne, v-p, sales for DC Comics; Chris Oarr, sales account manager of ADV, one of the top distributor/producers of anime and manga; Gerry Donaghy, graphic novels buyer at Powell's Books in Portland, Ore.; Chris Butcher, manager, The Beguiling, a respected comics shop in Toronto, Ont.; Mark Siegel, editorial director, First Second, Henry Holt/Roaring Brook's graphic novel imprint; and Eric Reynolds, director of publicity, Fantagraphics Books.

And of course the librarian loves...A flashback to Batman and villian "the bookworm"-

15 A “The Bookworm turns”
Roddy McDowell (the bookworm)
April 20, 1966
A new, well-read criminal called “The Bookworm” menaces Gotham City, basing a crime spree on a series of literary plot classics. Threatening Comissioner Gordon and a city bridge, the Bookworm turns his scholarly eye to Batman and Robin, and plans to ‘ring’ Robin’s bell permananently.

15B “While Gotham City Burns”
April 21, 1966Batman saves the Boy Wonder from the Bookworm’s trap: a fatal bell-ringing. Now Batman and Robin must use the Bookworm’s own modus operandi (a love of books) against the master criminal before it’s too late to stop his next crime.

Encyclopedia of Superheroes on film and on television

Season 3: Batgirl
Enter Batgirl, Exit the Penguin Sept 14, 1967
Penguin abducts Barbara Gordon, and plans to make her his wife. But what he doesn’t know is that Barbara has a secret identity: she is the motorcycle-riding, newest addition to the bat family- Batgirl!


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