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Thursday, August 3

Gasp! Birds of Prey

If you have ever cared or followed a certain redhead librarian (Batgirl) turned crime fighter turned information goddess (Oracle), you MUST read the latest Birds of Prey 96.

You should know that within the last year in BOP, Barbara Gordon, now Oracle, regained movement in one toe. The story was left there, with some scenes of intense physical therapy.

In this issue, the gals, minus one Oracle, go to intercept Black Alice. She's a goth girl getting teased in Ohio by blonde cheerleaders. Alice's dad meets Talia "If he's a man, and he's straight-- trust me, the guy is doomed."
There is also a nice storyline about remembering Blue Beetle, Ted Kord-- and how Babs "had a terrible cyber-crush on him" and "maybe we cyber-did it a little".

But, it's the last 3 pages that are gasp-inducing.

I do wonder if the obscene amount of press the redheaded Batwoman has garnered has diluted the adventure of the Birds of Prey 'she-peeps'. Gail Simones mix of snappy one liners for humor, and deep interior thoughts, make this one of the best series. Black Canary, The Huntress, Oracle, Zinda-- recent story arc with Lady Shiva-- good stuff!

The sketch here is from artist Neil Vokes, a regular at my MidJersey Comicon (sold out 45 tables! -- fielding lots of calls and emails and details for the show; 8 days away!)


At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Vincent J. Murphy said...

I totally agree! Those last three pages were a great teaser: definitely a reason to keep reading (I'm a little late to the BoP party, but am loving it). I also enjoyed the honor given to Ted Kord's memory: I'm glad someone is remembering him.

What a great sketch, too!

At 7:34 AM, Blogger I. N. J. Culbard said...

Great sketch.

okay, so I'm slowly but surely getting suckered into Birds of Prey.

First off there's the whole Legion of Superheroes which I want to get and now this (a buddy of mine has both collection and raves no end about the marvel that is Gail Simone, and having read a couple of pages from her first run, I have to agree... I love it. I loved Villains United which first got me interested, and am currently avidly following the new Blue Beetle (oracle popped up an issue back).

My question though is... is there a jumping on point for all those that have missed most of the fun?

At 8:54 AM, Blogger Mark said...

Haven't bought this book for a long time, but I might buy this 'un, purely for the revelations about BG & TK!

At 1:51 PM, Blogger redlib said...

Adore Simone. Once she said she liked my blog- and that I'm a redhead!

There was no real definitive place I started with for BOP -the last Lady Shiva arc was good. Took a while to make sense of the characters, but love, love it now.

I was reading the new Blue Beetle, but just stopped because it just wasn't getting the depth I wanted. He was sort of teen-bratty with Oracle. The Ted Kord discussing is funny and worthwhile in BOP.

At 4:07 PM, Blogger I. N. J. Culbard said...

speaking of the teen-bratty, anyone reading Teen Titans? I'm on the verge of possibly picking that one up.

I loved what Gail Simone did with Villains United. I have The ATom to read next in my pull list which is another book of hers. I'm relatively new to her work as of Villains United but I absolutely love it. I love the patter, the quick one liners. Great stuff.

At 11:28 PM, Blogger Justin said...

I quite like Simone as well. I am missing the regularity of her blog entries. Redlib, are you still doing the podcast? I only found it recently.

At 8:04 AM, Blogger redlib said...

Hi Justin- Think I will probably do another podcast after MidJersey is put to bed. Maybe early Sept? Thx for asking!


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