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Saturday, July 1

The world stopped mocking Peter Parker

The redhead is back!

Since I have been on blog-break, I haven't put in my two cents on he topic of Spider-man unveiling his mask to reveal Peter Parker. How does this fangirl feel about it? My gut instinct was "No, no!", and with time, wisdom, and reading other blogs, I still don't like it.

Besides my base reaction, let's remember what Jor-El advised Superman (in Superman the Movie) -- there were two reasons to keep his 'secret identity' [if a dorky plaid suit, thick glasses, and some clumsiness are really a secret identity].

Jor-El's second reason has been oftened cited: You put the people you love in harm's way from your foes if they know who you are 'off the job.'. I understand, but haven't read, that in the recent Spidey's both Mary Jane and Aunt May have encouraged Peter to reveal himself. That takes away some of the thunder of keeping his Parker ID secret-- if the people he loves most feel he should be open, why not?

Plus, much has been made of the Avengers tower/butler service/Iron Spidey, who is a far cry from the dorky teen. Spidey seems to be in some Tony Stark trance "yes'm master, I'll wear the new suit, live in your tower, mmm more please". The Avengers Tower has been used as strong reason to unveil - Sp and his family would be even safer in the revelation because of the assumed security of the Avengers tower.

Personally, I wouldn't let my hot redhead wife live with Luke Cage, Captain America, Tony Stark, and with known redophile Wolverine stopping by. With all that can happen in superhero world (just as in soap operas), partners get swapped around. One storyline did have Logan hitting on MJ when she thought Spidey was dead, and she resisted and thanked him for the distraction, because 'he knew she would never go for him'. Nice try there Logan.

The first reason Jor-El tells Superman is the one I want to focus on:
If you reveal your true identity, you will never have a moments peace. You will be called on for things humans could handle themselves, 24 hours a day. It is their nature to abuse their resources.

If everyone knows who Spider-man really is, Peter Parker could never walk down the street, get a coffee, take MJ to the art gallery or Aunt May to the store. It would be like celebrity multiplied by 1000; every car crash, dispute or crime would be his burden. Anyone who has been robbed, or abused, or wants to find who killed the neighborhood dog would call on him. The drain of the constant requests from legit requests and bonkers people-- it's like the paparazzi following Brangelina for a photo, and yelling out questions-- with a 24 hour a day criminal dispatch responsibilities. As a librarian, I experience a thumbnails worth of this - you want to be of service, and helpful, but sometimes you end up following someone down the rabbit hole.

What do other (that I read) bloggers think?
Gordon What do you think of Marvel's Civil War? Don't know - I'm swearing off massive crossovers, and if I want to peruse them, will read them at the comics shop.

Chris You know what? I kind of like it...For those of us like myself who have never been that invested in Spider-Man as a character, it's the first time in a LONG time that Marvel's given us a reason to care about him.. I understand why fans are crying foul at the move, though. Many see Peter's anonymity as central to the character.

Jake I'll second the rest of the residents of comicblogavenue who have said it really doesn't matter what's done with Spidey since A) we know this will all be reversed by this time next year and B) this isn't even really Spidey any more. This penthouse-livin', supermodel-lovin', armor-wearin', butler-havin' idol of millions no longer resembles the character I enjoyed reading about ten to fifteen years ago.

The Comic Treadmill asked if it's readers were following Marvel's Civil War event series?
52 of 139 votes, was: I'm ignoring it. The DCU is the only place for me!

Comic Book Commentary
(Civil War #2's big reveal had slightly more fanboy impact than Earth 2's Superman bursting off the last page of Infinite Crisis #1 -- which isn't saying much, of course -- but without seeing the thought that presumably went into the admittedly big decision over in his primary series, it lost some of its intended oomph.)

Tom at the Fortress of Solioquy declares it 'more dumbassery'
I anxiously await the inevitable mindwipe/restoration of the Spider-Man status quo that will accompany this storyline, as well as your much-vaunted undoing of the Peter/Mary Jane marriage, since that's the natural progression as far as your comments are concerned.

Since the 1990s clone saga; the Spidey: Chap 1 where Sp and Doc Oc came from the same accident; MJ's plane crash; JMS tolemic spider spirit-- and we still care about Spidey! Amazing Fantasy, indeed.


At 10:31 AM, Blogger PhillyGirl said...

I'm trying to get all the Civil War comics. So far I'm liking the whole concept. I haven't read the Spider-Man unmasked issue yet, so I don't have specific comments on that, but I have read some of the comics that lead up to the reveal, and it seems like the logical progression. Of course I'm not the Spidey fan that you are. I'm just starting to get into the Super Hero comics.


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