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Sunday, July 2

People live on

Spent the day on Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, yesterday went to the Broadway show Mamma Mia with the Michiganders.

If you like police procedurals, with the added twist of a Icelandic forensic scientist as the protagonist, try Umbra- written by Murphy, with Mike Hawthorne, art. It's 5.99- issue 1 of 3 is out from Image now. Hawthorne was at my last MidJersey Comicon, and he is funny and should get more widespread attention for his art.

Brave New World: $1 for 80 pages of previews-- it's like giving me fentanyl laced-heroin because I'm hooked on 4 of the 6 series and intend to buy them--

Omac, for the 'everyman' on the run angle, and the boy-girl interplay in the preview
The Creeper, for the Fox News type blowhard in Jack Ryder, selfish button pusher now formed into the vigilante Creeper. Justiniano's art is very vivid.

Martian Manhunter- in the DC panel, there was talk of MM trying to blend in always, and now becoming more "Martian-American". Barrioneuvo's art is a good match for Lieberman's interior dialogue of MM.

The All-New Atom- Just for Simone's writing. John Byrne's art, well, B at the comic store always complains about everyone they match Simone with (except on BOP)

I'm torn on Uncle Sam. It's a little too "yippee kay ya, motherfucker" for me, and I hate that the only female is breastfest Stormy. Daniel Acuna's art though-- each panel is very powerful, like cover art.

A few other tidbits to catch up on:

Marvel Romance redux: I should have been a blonde
I was howling on just about every page of the main story "Patsy loves Satan". Not only are snarky lines inserted on the original art, but asides on the art inself and perspective really hit the mark. Scissor like hands, huge plumes of car exhaust called to the carpet. I love the juxtaposition of the swooning, crying and fashion slave women to the smart-ass and driven characters in these stories. Whether it's Satan, Scientology, Comic Books- the women in the Marvel Romance Reduxes get what they want, even if it's criminal or black magic to do so!

Superman and Batman 26
Sam Loeb (Jeph Loeb's son who died) and too many big names to list

Robin (Tim Drake) remembers typical teenage fun with Superboy (Connor Kent).
Partying in the Fortress of Solitude-
>>>>"Batgirl was such a lightweight" <<<<>"way too much time on the internet looking for pictures of Raven. and Starfire."
young Toyman missed a Batmobile delivery, they get sucked into a series of events (the different artists add to the dramatic change between robots, toy rooms).

"you were lonely, so you tried to kill us? Learn 3 chords on the guitar and write bad love songs "
In the end, the motto holds true for Sam Loeb as it does for the characters contained:
People live on. Tell stories about them.

Thing 7 [Dan Slott, Kieron Dwyer]
"Benjamin J. Grimm, what have you done!"
Fights with Hercules, trying to win back Alicia, who feels perhaps too much has happened with them, and is dating a great guy.
Rocky troll, thou has much to answer for!
Hey, put me down, ya big Greek goofball!


At 6:49 AM, Anonymous Vincent J. Murphy said...

Don't get fooled with Omac! It's Bruce Jones, whoe destroys all that he touches!

Really, though, it'll be bad.

At 10:38 AM, Blogger redlib said...

I surprised myself by liking the Omac preview. I think it was just a cute boy and girl on the run, not the confusion of The Omac Project. Rucka wrote that series right?
Looking up Bruce Jones, I saw Man-Bat, Deadman, Warlord, Vigilante recently, none of which I've read.

At 2:45 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Who are the cast of OMAC of which you speak? I'll never buy it 'cus I see it as an affront to The King, but I'd like to know out of sheer curiosity.

At 5:15 AM, Blogger Frosty Snowbro said...

It was a great issue. I am actually looking forward to Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters.


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