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Monday, July 3

All come to look for America (and cosplay)

There's not enough time to read all the great and humorous blogwork out there on comics- but here are two you might want to try: (Comic Blog Legion members, course)

Last Comic in the Pile
Vincent at Spandex Justice arranges comics based on first impression,
then reads and reranks them.

Heidi at Comics Fairplay has had a great run of posts- read them all!
The Creator Creep Squad (Liefeld, John Byrne, Erik Larsen)
Creators I'd like to take to dinner (Beau Smith, Morrison)
and Hot Comic Book Dates (Bruce Wayne, Kyle Rayner)
and Bad Comic Book Dates (Booster Gold, Iron Man)

Now, the June referral fun--
batgirl lesbian
futurama fan art
nightwing and batgirl
redhead characters literature evil
nightwing was supposed to die
mystique, slave name
Jade redhead banana
birds of prey larry hagman
"care about red tornado"
myths of dating redheads
she hulk cosplay
spiderwoman cosplay
aquaman's girlfriend
redheaded colleen
what men think of redheads
green hornet superpowers
new jersey redheads
why are redheads crazy?
batwoman redhead
mystery in space jim stalin
peter parker tracker
good comebacks for redheads to blondes
mr. heatmiser
zombie preparedness
women who love redheaded men

Need to read the Birds of Prey, All Star Supes, 52 8, Justice, JLA Class, and Invincible (if you read this series, check out the RF mention in the letters column *blush). Happy 4th, America!


At 7:38 PM, Blogger Heidi Meeley said...

Thank you for the link- I really appreciate it! I had so much fun doing my lists that I didn't want it to end.

Another belated congratulations on your blog's one year anniversary! That is very exciting!

Thank you again!


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