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Friday, June 23

phillygirl out-fangirling me!

Phillygirl is outpacing me on comics! She has been to the LCBS about 3 times in 2 weeks.
Cheer her on as a new fangirl! Meanwhile, I'm reading Fun Home, Alison Bechdel [Dykes to watch out for]. It's textured, emotional, and literary-- the graphic novel equivalent of the edgy memoir.

OK, I'm just going to list some comics I've read recently and recommend to anyone that's into comics (or not).

Runaways - about a group of kids that find out that their parents are super villains and runaway and become super heroes.

Bite Club Vampire Crime Unit - more stories about the Del Toro Organized Crime Vampire Family

The Flash - Just started a new series this week, so far I like it

Sin City - Been reading a ton of them and love them all.

The Walking Dead - a post zombie attack story about a cop and his family and how they try to continue to survive with a group of other survivors

Astonishing X-Men - Joss Whedon's X-men, still trying to catch up on it, but it's up to issue 15 now, and I'm still trying to find issue #6

Dead @17 - Ordered some more from Viper Comics, waiting for them to arrive

Spike vs. Dracula - The story about how Spike and Dracula met up before. I'm not usually into books or comics based on a TV show or movie, but the story was pretty good and the art is fantastic.

She-Hulk - She's really growing on me. I've read Vol 1-3 of the trades so far.

Secrete Six - I don't know much about this title, it just started, but so far I like it.

What I haven't been into...

Green Lantern Corps

Silver Surfer Annihilation


At 6:04 AM, Blogger PhillyGirl said...

I also read Ex Machina vol 1 and started vol 2. I'm enjoying that one so far, but then I took a little diversion and read vols 3 and 4 of Walking Dead, because I just love that series. I stopped at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash Yesterday and picked up Runaways Vol 3, Vertigo's Swamp Thing Vol 1, Zombies, and Eternals. I read Zombies and it was pretty cool. It was the first issue, a little short after reading all these trades, but it was pretty cool. I'm reading Runaways now, then I'll get back to Ex Machina

At 8:52 AM, Blogger redlib said...

You're almost caught up to the latest Walking Dead-- wait til you see how much harder it is when you read the floppy series and wait for the next issue!
It is fun to find a trade and gobble them up at once, with no waiting, like I did with Ex Machina.
You are an unstoppable fangirl! Tip the cup!

At 10:20 AM, Blogger PhillyGirl said...

I know. I'm addicted to Walking Dead right now and can't imagine having to wait for more. You lent me some issues, but I'm missing #25 which is next in line. I'll see if I can pick it up somewhere if you don't have it.

At 10:48 AM, Blogger Emperor Nerd said...

At least Walking Dead is back on schedule now; the delays earlier in the year were killer.

At 6:58 AM, Blogger PhillyGirl said...

OK, Finished Walking Dead. God I love that series. I want more! I also read American Virgin, really enjoying that one too. I'll start Ex Machina Vol 3 tonight, then I'll almost be through all the comics you lent me during the Great Comic Book Exchange. haha


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