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Monday, June 12

I see food

On Sunday, C and I went to the Belmar Seafood Fest, one of my fav events of summer here. It was named one of the top 100 events in America.
I ate:
Clam bisque
Teriyaki shrimp
Fried Flounder Sandwich
Cheesecake on a stick
Fruit smoothie
Lobster ravioli
Clam steamers

I also read, on a windy, sandblown beach.
Wonder Woman 1
The Dodson art is great, strong and not too sexualized versions of Donna Troy and Diana Prince (well, sort of Diana). I like WW as part of the Justice League, but I have never read her solo series. So far, the Donna growing up in sis Diana's shadow is a good storyline.

Spider-man loves Mary Jane
For a teen series, sometimes this one hits me between the eyes. MJ thinking about how she lost herself, and how life can change you. Very little Spidey, Liz, Flash or Harry in this one, just MJ thinking and brooding. The arrival of Gwen is mentioned, but not really explored - yet.

Y the Last Man
"Just me and my monkey" Yorick and 355 wait it out in a Tokyo hotel room, Dr. Mann gets involved in a swordfight. Yorick will start speeding to France to try and find his Beth.

Birds of Prey
The trading places of Dinah and Shiva has been a great story arc. Dinah prepares to singlehandedly fight a warlords mob. Shiva and crew try to get Prometheus.

I spent $66 last week at the comic store, plus the weekends buys at Wizard. Whoa, bessy, I better reign it in!


At 3:39 PM, Blogger PhillyGirl said...

The Seafood Festival! Boo Hoo, no more wine, but I sure wish I had some of those lobster raviolis.

I also read Wonder Woman this weekend after stopping at StormWatch and spending about $40 on comics. I've never read Wonder Woman before, I thought it was a decent start to the series, but I'm really hoping it will be more about Diana then about Donna.

At 4:31 PM, Blogger ShoreTurtle said...

It was a fun time. I liked the cheesecake on a stick covered in chocolate best. The quiet beach was nice too!

There was an "International Wine Tent" by the glass instead of the traditional NJ wine tasting.


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