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Tuesday, June 6

53 - my comic event

On June 4, 2005 I started the Redhead Fangirl blog with photos and comments from my first Wizard. What a comic year it's been for me! Since the Wizard pre- and post- ramping up prevented me from my "year in the blogosphere", I'm shooting for 53 (52 weeks plus 1 week). In "53" there will be a *giveaway*, a revisit to cons, the whole enchilada!

Kevin Smith Q and A: Wizard World Philly
People ran to get the special ticket (needed a ticket not just your badge) From 3 PM to 6 PM, most of the con was jammed into the Christopher Reeve theatre room for Kevin. The first thing he talked about was how 3 years ago he spoke in Philly, and his dad died that night- so he was afraid his Q and A was so good it would kill somebody. The questions were sort of lame "will you direct Speed Racer?" "what happened with the Green Hornet?", but each question caused a long tangent response. He's a raunchy SOB, but not a dumb one.

Notes I took, the girl-scout version of his talk:
"Clerks sell out" straight to cartoon movie
Weinstein: "you totally ran out of ideas?"

Superman Returns- KS more excited for X-men. A long story about X-men being about tolerance, but really a gay allegory. "haven't you tried not being a mutant?"
"Wolverine and Cyclops redefine the fastball special"
KS movies "all text, so it's good when someone makes one with subtext"
Superman: "one dude with superpowers surrounded by a bunch of people with no superpowers?"

Jersey Girl: "Why did he have me cast his girlfriend?". Became albatross. Tried to hide the fact that JLo died in the film early, but after Gigli, they let it out "the bitch dies in the first 15 minutes" 'you should have done it in the credits!" Clerks2 informed by JGirl. 8 min standing ovation at Cannes at 2:30 AM.

myboringasslife- blog entries made into a book soon "Huh, I'll pay $10 when I read this shit for free"

Doesn't want to do action movies "lazy, quite terrible filmaker" Green Hornet, turned down, because it would just be GH and Kato leaning on a car saying "so did you get laid last night" then running off screen to fight. "sometimes it's best not to try, then you can't fail"

Take the chance, kick fear in the ass, instead of regretting your whole life "why didn't I take the chance"

Long Jason Mewes story about his 3 year sobriety and being a big cheerleader on Clerks2. And buying Greedo dolls after getting methadone every day in Asbury Park NJ.

Still have more notes from the Marvel panel, indie comics I bought,


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