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Friday, June 2


The geeks are back in town! At least a weeks worth of posts and pics from this fangirl- Stay tuned for the inside and outside scoop from the front lines.

2 most excellent and different days at Wizard. Friday was more low key, seeing the uniquely off-center creators (Rob Reilly, Mike Oeming, Brian Quinn, Neil Vokes, Geek Boy Press) and nutty fun dealers from Stormwatch Comics, JNS, and Welcome Back Comics that have done the MidJersey show. It amazes me that in one year I have met some really creative people. (some of whom I heard were arm wrestling and head butting in the bar last night!)

Dan Slott, the groovy humor god he is, filled me in on some great upcoming (off the record) She-Hulk Stories. And he is not too sad about the cancellation of The Thing- if enough of us buy the trade, Thing can return.

Rags Morales let me hang around in his gravitational orbit for a while. He is always mobbed for sketches and signatures, and you can blame this librarian for his slightly late appearance in the signing area! He just has that unflappable coolness that I could never have-- I get the 'nervous talking' thing. Saturday, the 3 times I saw him were on the DC Nation panel, at the DC signing booth, and doing a realistic pencils class.

M and I got the hot golden ticket for Kevin Smith's Q and A today. It was as expected- raunchy, funny-- and I give him credit for admitting his own limits. And owning up to the obscene deadline blowing on Black Cat.

My con started by blunting telling Quesada that I disagreed with him about the Spider-Man/ Mary Jane marriage. JQ and Editor Tom Breevort really went after the whole marriage, insisting that they could just tell so many stories if they were 'dating'. It's hard to be in a room full of at least a hundred people while 2 bigwigs are spouting their opinion, but I held my own and told him "I disagree with you" and that "they've been married when I was 12!" when they said that young kids and teens can't relate to a married Spidey. Some guy said "if you want to see a single Spidey- just read Ultimate Spider-Man". Loved him that moment!

Taking the pic with Joe Q later, he said, "I'm sorry if we beating you up about that"-- I'm making a funny face because I'm saying "keep them married" as we took the pic! I did butter up them with a "What caused the biggest fight in your office between editors and artists?" question. See my question referenced here at
Newsarama Xmen panel.

RF with Civil War artist Steve McNiven - the most polite gap-toothed Canadian in the industry! I complimented him on the level of detail on the Marvel characters, got a few pics, and wondered if the woman sitting at his booth was his wife. Or mom. E, his bro and I speculated about this on the train.

Me and Joe Q. This is where I'm muttering "keep them married" after the Mondo Marvel panel.

The arches to dork heaven.


At 9:31 AM, Blogger Mark said...

Damn - those pictures aren't working! Can't wait to see you giving Joey a hard time.

And yes, I blame myself for waiting on the THING trade - sorry Dan! When it sells by the shedload, he should bring it back as MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE, a classic title just waiting for revival.


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