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Monday, June 5

Brunette Fangirl

M, who I christened Brunette Fangirl on Sat. We got the Kevin Smith golden ticket- so we went to the Q and A. She's a big fan of his, so I was really glad she got to see him. She also bought comics, trades, and a great Tommy Castillo Harley Quinn print. TC got out his colored pencils and paints to redden a Batgirl card he was selling when I joked that her hair needed to be less blonde and more red. How is that for custom service? See PhillyGirl2873 for her journal of the day. She's a huge LOST and BUFFY fan also.

Bob Wayne, Editor at DC Comics, and Geoff Johns. I got talking with Bob after this because he was joking how I didn't want him in the photo, but I really did because he just ran the big DC Universe panel that Rags Morales was on. Bob again spoke with me after the Vertigo panel, poorly attended because most of the con was jammed into the Kevin Smith QA waiting to see the Clerks2 preview. Geoff was pretty easy on the eyes in his black hoodie too. Oh, and I like his writing. But I didn't get to speak or meet him, sigh.

DC Universe panel things that made me think "ooooh"
- Justice League #0 Meltzer's story concentrates on the Big 3- Bats, Supes, WW- with many guest artists and past and future stories of their relationships. "made me care about Red Tornado"
-Justice Society relaunch in Oct.
-Wonder Woman #1 art by Terry Dodson, released this week
-The Flash- Fastest Man Alive (Who is the new Flash? We're told it's not Barry Allen)
-Mystery in Space- 38 page written by Jim Starlin space noir spins out of 52
-Superman/Batman 28-- lots of cheers for Van Sciver's art (some previewed in the new Wizard)
-Batman and the Mad Monk -- Matt Wagner next after Batman and the Monster Men
-Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters- Palmiotti
-DCU: Brave New World $1 for 80 page special
-All Star Batman and Robin with the adorable Batgirl cover coming
-Batman Kubert and Morrison- Batman and Son story arc
-Martian Manhunter J'ohnn is "becoming more Martian-American. Tried to hide and blend his identity for too long. Finds out he might not be the last one"
-Nightwing 125 will explain more post Crisis and almost death of the character
-Jonah Hex Sept 1-6

A big work week for this librarian- we have started a computer training lab at my library, and I'm the main trainer. Tomorrow I begin teaching absolute beginner computer classes. I hope the 6/6/06 demons are not interested in fouling up my equipment. I even made the local rag paper. Clippings to send to Mom!


At 4:07 PM, Blogger RAB said...

More proof, if any were needed, that I was right all along about your eventual world domination -- you've started franchises, no less!

Ah well, any friend of yours, et cetera and so forth.


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