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Tuesday, May 23

I did it for the monkey, not the boy

Jenna 3
Phillip Osbourne writer, Andre art
"This is real and I'm scared! I'm literally the antichrist!"
Jenna deals with being the antichrist (another redhead devil in lit) , and good vs. evil issues. The art is Jenna is deceiving in that it looks like a sweet Spidey loves Mary Jane type, but the content has gore in the form of exploding heads and sex. And philosophical questions like:
Whose side am I on anyway? The side that wants to kill me? Or the one that wants to worship me?

Her boyfriend Hall finds her on the run "Oh, Jenna, I'm here for you" and after some hot sex, he injects and takes her to those hunting her.
"They saved me. I mean, you're great, but it wasn't meant to be baby."

Many recent comics with female leads can be like a Lifetime movie-- no males can be trusted because they will stab you through the heart as soon as you sleep with them (Ultra, Spider-Woman, Jenna). It can be depressing.

Y the Last Man 45
Sob, only 15 issues left. Dr. Mann finds her mother in Tokyo, who reveals that it was her who told Yorick's mother to "get the male examined by the best scientific mind in the country- her son, the nations most valuable resource- belonged with you"

Yorick and 355 are trapped in a hotel room, and the ever strong 355 actually begins to break down, while Yorick tries to comfort her and plan a "Classic Lando""Before you lay another this-is-a-fine-mess rap on me"

Girls 13
The Luna Brothers
The issue starts with a giant lit-up sperm sucking up female bodies---you have to read 1-12 to come up to speed on the plot line. The Luna Brothers thank fans and retailers, and mention 'another year to go'.

They receive some word by looking through a telescope to see a National Guard sign outside the spherical barrier.
Do not panic. We are trying to help.

The cop boyfriend and other men return, as a few of the men get aroused when trying to restrain the naked girls:
How come no one put any clothes on these damn girls?

52, week 2
America loves Booster Gold!

Am I ready to buy 50 more weeks of this series?

I like the Ralph Dibny storyline, with an upside down S symbol on his wife's grave. And Wonder Girl's place in it all...
Someone leaving a message for me. The one place they know I'll find it.

Renee -Her damaged and alcoholic self-destruction storyline has been going well. I think the lesbians in lace undies scene was a little much. They probably would have tank tops and cotton briefs to sleep in.
Booster Gold and Skeets- I know he's supposed to be over the top, and a commercial and fame whore. We'll see if I warm to this character more.

Bite Club: Vampire Crimes Unit

Howard Chaykin,

Bite Club is great for my dose of raunchy lines.

Risa del Toro "just like Napoleon, the empire is back for a second round."
Hearts are ripped out of two victims, with ties to Risa. The cute Detective Macavoy is on the case.

This issue ends with a very disturbing scene of Yama, tatooed head to toe, being degraded by man sitting in a chair. His identity isn't revealed, but her issues of self-hatred for being a vampire lets her be verbally abused and burned by cigarettes- only to ask for more.


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