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Tuesday, May 30

Who will you stand with?

Seems surprising that X-men 3: The Last Stand was the biggest opening weekend. The producers and director feel that they pulled off an amazing end (yea, right) to the series, but here in the Northeast I think it was because the temperature was melt your face hot. I also saw it in a Poconos theatre without stadium seating, cup holders or being able to move the armrest. Horrors!

So when the movie opened it shocked everyone and trust me, they were drunk at Fox for about a week. No one was expecting the success that they had. I think that they underestimated the fan base for it and how happy the fans were for the movie.

The best X-gossip is that Jackman's wife likes him to wear the Wolverine costume in the bedroom.

Fangirl issues with the film:
I liked it -- seeing Magneto and Xavier interact, Jean as a child (redheaded and sassy), Logan and Scott torn up over her death, and the thoughts of taking away difference or exception by science. And I felt like I wanted to stand on a car after the film with my arms out and attempt to move vehicles.

Best lines for me:
"Not everyone heals as fast as you do Logan" (Scott to Logan about the loss of Jean)
"I don't answer to my slave name" (Mystique)

But I didn't love it.

Too much, yet too little

  • A dozen or so plot lines, lots of characters, but no real gravitas or deep emotions welled up.
  • Halle Berry wanted to be more central, and while I can accept a sort of elder statesmen storyline, that took away from other plot threads.
  • The Rush Hour action influence-- Several times, the wittiest thing a character could say was "blah blah, yadda yadda, BITCH". To Mystique (who got her piece for that), or even young Kitty. I'm not so cool with calling teen girls Bitch, even though she shot back a "Dickhead" at Juggernaut.
  • Did we grieve for Scott (Cyclops) at all? Or was the good guy out of the way a fast means to an end for Jean Grey/Phoenix to jump Wolverine?
  • The appearance of Angel was great, yet after his choice to not get the 'cure', he only flies in once.
  • Beast got a lot of great lines, fight scence, and Kelsey was effective.
  • Too much Kitty, not enough Rogue


At 6:17 PM, Blogger Rick Jones, really said...

Actually, I rather liked Kitty. I thought her fight with Juggy was fantastic. The dialogue, yeah, not so much. However, I thought her quick thinking in using Leech to defeat Juggy was a great indicator of her character.

I do think, though, that they could have scrapped the ice skating scene and inserted a bit more Rogue pathos, indecision about taking the cure.

Still, nice little double whammy at the end. Both ends.

At 7:52 AM, Blogger Cap'n Neurotic said...

I hated the "dickhead" line; felt gratuitous. At least the "I'm the Juggernaut, bitca" line could be seen as a nod to the online fan-dub floating around; I didn't care for that line either, but at least it seemed more in keeping with the character.

For me, the biggest problem with the film was the lack of characterization for the bulk of the cast, and the inconsistent characterization for the rest. I never thought I could hate Storm, but Halle Berry and the forces behind X3 managed to pull it off.

At 9:06 AM, Blogger Mark said...

I won't bother seeing this until it's on DVD at the soonest (unless someone "passes on" a bootleg, No questions asked.

My problem is this. Yeah, sure, by the time George Lucas was making RETURN OF THE JEDI, Harrison Ford had become a proper star, the breakout cast member from the original movie, with the coolest character. So did Lucas kill off Luke Skywalker halfway through the movie and pump up Han Solo's part, making him the guy to blow up the Death Star and rid the galaxy of Darth Vader and The Emperor? Nope. Jackman is the Harrison Ford of this ensemble. Wolverine is the Han Solo. Yet Ratner merrily scraps Cyclops and inserts Wolverine into his arc. Crazy. Wolverine is the loose cannon, not the leader. He gets to be the wild and crazy guy, because Cyclops is the straight man.

So yeah, this movie is pretty much an abomination in my book, even without seeing it. Here's hoping its runaway financial success means someone else, a storyteller with some respect for the original material, can come in and straighten the franchise back out.

At 12:23 PM, Blogger redlib said...

Kitty was fast on her feet (and through walls)-- I guess her ice skating away with Rogue's man made me think of how Joe Q likes Kitty flirting with Spidey, to break him and MJ up.

The Juggernaut line got the most laughs- guess everyone saw the fan vid too.

True indeed about Wolverine- lone wolf is his identity, not to be The Man, The Establishment.


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