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Wednesday, February 22


Fantastic Four: Big in Japan
I'll admit I purchased this after hearing about the death of Seth Fisher, the artist of FF: Big in Japan. I'll also admit to wondering what the circumstances were to fall the 7 stories off a Tokyo nightclub. Was it drinking, a stunt, or just a mistep?

The art is whimsical, with monsters coming out of toliets and invading houses and unusual combinations like a tapeworm with wings and jaws. The color palette is so expressive, with pinks and greens and blues that just pop. Its a great hybrid of classic comic art, with a anime twist, brought to life by color. Sad to lose an artist with so many more years ahead of him. The art for Green Lantern: Willworld had such a unique and singular vision. This image is from Vertigo Pop.

What remains of us after we die?
Looking at his art, and his web site, it makes me a feel philosophical about life, loss, and death. Seth leaves behind a wife, child, and his art.

I'm still pretty young, but have lost several important people in my life. My father died when I was 9, so my grandmother moved in with us. Nannie died 10 years later while I was in college. A college radio friend died because of a seizure 2 years later. Suicide took 2 of the most decent friends I knew- a sweet writer guy from college in 2001 and my beloved boss/friend in Atlanta in 2005. The only thing I know is that their imprint in my life comes to me, sometimes at very random times.


At 4:24 PM, Blogger Frosty Snowbro said...

We can only hope to leave such a legacy behind when our time comes.


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