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Friday, February 17

Embracing the spider

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
The Other 10 of 12

Bug related metamorphosis--Stark, Hank, Reed study what shedding his skin means for Peter.

Spiders aren't architects? You try building a web with nothing but webbing coming out of your backside!

A new teacher interview and it's :
Flash Thompson! Puny Parker? I haven't seen him since high school!

Mary Jane hugs Logan (Wolverine)...
Logan. I owe you something. Peter was dead. You made a pass at me, and I smacked you. You knew I needed to get angry. I realized you would have never really have hit on me.. I'd rather cut off my head than ever go out with you. Thanks again.

Peter carries MJ down the hall, and Cage asks: 'Where are you off to?'
Some fun. Peter said he was going to give me a ride!
'Yeah, I bet he is... '

The depth of the story comes from a common problem of many women, who become wives, and throw themselves so deep into the married life, they lose themselves.
I had a house, friends, all of that. Now we are living in Avengers HQ and all my friends are superguys. I've no identity of my own anymore.

The "aw" moment : The bottom line is: I love you. I'm never leaving you. I'm proud to be your friendly neighborhood spider-wife.

And yet it all ends with a stinging spider creation made from Spidey's corpse! Love and insects.


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