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Tuesday, February 14

silly kerfuffles on the internet

Sexy Chix - the posts that compelled our favorite redhead comic writer Gail Simone to respond! I think of Gail actually having her own Birds of Prey den, like the Oracle does, but it's in Oregon so there are dark green trees and strong coffees.

My red hair sense got fired up, so I had to post to 1. disagree with the original post (how can someone, despite revealing it, review and dislike an anthology so much based only on the cover pictures? Not even the internal art, or writing? The DC and newsarama wingnuts would flame anyone who said, man, I hate Infinite Crisis because I looked at the cover...)

And, blessed, beautiful Ms. Simone inspired me to post, because whenever I pick up her work, I know it will be funny, smart, and maybe pull the heart strings. And Miz Gail actually posted this in response to lil ol fangirl me..

I automatically think anyone with red hair is a genius, but also, I enjoy your blog. Thank you also for being sane and all. ;)



At 4:56 AM, Blogger Frosty Snowbro said...

That's cool, Red. Gail Simone is one of the best writers out there. And without the writing, the art can't really stand on it's own. Just ask Rob Liefield. *laughs*

At 12:27 PM, Blogger Mark said...

I hate most superhero books because of their stupid, gaudy covers. Hell, that's the golden rule of librarianship: you can judge a book by its cover. Anyone who sez diff'ernt is just a civilian.


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