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Sunday, February 12

Restraining orders are for other girls

20 plus inches of snow to dig out. It was fluffy and white the first 6 inches or so, but then icy and heavy underneath. The tree branches are straining with snow on them. When you open your door and the snow is flush with the bottom, you know you are in for it! Thankfully, I got an early call that the library was closed, and promptly went back to sleep.

Watched Broken Flowers with Bill Murray tonight. I liked his road trip to ex-girlfriends, although I am a bit over the flat affect Rushmore/Life Aquatic acting.

The last Comic Store News peaked my interest with these items:
The I(heart) Marvel romance one-shots. Fabian Nicieza, a local Jersey artist known for Thunderbolts, Cable and Deadpool and Xmen...doesn't seem like the champion for the past of romantic funny books, but there it is. Will get my Web of Romance soon!

Dan Slott's new series, Big Max.

Spider-Girl will end in April with it's 100th issue.

Amazing Spider-Man #529 the "Iron Spider" design. Iron-to send it back.

A limited varient cover for Green Lantern #9, by Ethan Van Sciver

Life isn't the same for Hawkgirl now that Hawkman isn't around. Walter Simonson and Howard Chaykin (yes!) Hawkgirl #51 in April

Busiek, Johns and Pete Woods continue the 8 part Superman #651 and Action Comics #838 with guest stars galore.

and...Man-Bat! a 5 issue mini.

Vertigo: Bite Club: Vampire Crime Unit
Cover artist Quitely begins a gritty vampire procedural

and my favorite title of late---
Marvel Romance Readers: Restraining Orders are for Other Girls (silly rewritings by Baker, Giffen other of classic illustrated romance stories. Sounds like what bloggers have been doing for quite a while.

We're taking you back to the good ol' days, when all women (apparently) did was cook and think about boys, clean and think about boys and do laundry while thinking about boys!


At 3:01 AM, Blogger Frosty Snowbro said...

I bought the Punisher's Bloody Valentine and it was all right, but I was expecting more. My favorite "romantic" thing with him was when he made love to PainKiller Jane. That was hilarious.

At 8:11 PM, Blogger Rae said...

I'm so jealous of all your snow!!! It looks like you guys had fun in it!


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