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Monday, February 20

Get rhythm when you get the blues

Saw Walk the Line so I have Johnny Cash songs running through my head.

Marvel TeamUp 17
The League of Losers begins their preparation in the future to stop Chronok from going back in time to kill all the superheroes. They find the mutant registration act requires each mutant to have a serial number, and that when the superheroes fought against the military- they lost.
Writers always have a theme in the underdog (most sports like Rocky, Rudy, Karate Kid, Revenge of the Nerds, Spider-Man, Say Anything..)

When we pick a team name-- can it be the Avengers?
How dare you challenge the mighty Fin Fang Foom!

Girls 10
The men return without finding a way out from the invisible wall surrounding the town. Tensions rise at the safe house between families and sisters. Ethan wonders how his ex believed they weren't over after "For six months we never spoke, never made eye contact, and you didn't think it was over?" "Nothing justifies having sex with a naked freak you found in the middle of the road, Ethan"
Some of the kids wander off, and when their mothers head to find them, the naked girls, way more than 5 now, attack. The artwork and pacing are just right with the issue cliffhangers, and the between outright imagery to metaphors, (a gigantic sperm, naked girls, male/female relations) continue to draw me into this title.

The Luna Brothers Ultra may come to the small screen!

Variety reports that CBS has greenlit a pilot from Joan of Arcadia creator Barbara Hall based on the comic book Ultra.

Ultra, from CBS Paramount Network TV, revolves around a female superhero who must contend with saving the world while pursuing a life as a single girl in the city. In the comic book, which parodies celebrity magazines, Ultra's alter ego, Pearl Penalosa, is a semi-icon who graces billboards advertising popular products.


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