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Saturday, February 25

#1 fangirl moment

1. Rags Morales looks up from a sea of people wanting sketches and signatures and says "Redhead Fangirl! How's it going?"

Rags remembered our 2 min meeting last June at Wizard. I was getting anxious waiting with my one Identity Crisis comic-- everyone around me seemed more in the industry. The guy behind me yelled to Rags that blah, blah from DC has been calling him, and the woman was an exhibitor, and people with sketch book portfolios. Rags took a photo with me, asked if I'd be around -- I said "they are shipping us off to a party". He teased that he wasn't invited, and I said "oh, I think DC could get you in, Rags". There wasn't more of a chance with 20 people waiting for him for more interaction, but I left by saying "Rags, I love your work". [michael bair sign was there because he was the inker on Identity Crisis and next to Rags]

The artist alley was just way too narrow even during the professional exhibit hours, it must have been jammed the rest of the weekend. Javits is huge, but the exhibit hall had small avenues compared to Wizard in Philly. It would be fine for the NY national con, thumbing through comic bins, but for this size show the space was too small. Then there were odd corridors to get to the meeting rooms (cross empty cafe space, go under escalator, pass airbrushed car, don't go in the travel expo, down hallway). It's easy to get to from Penn Station, but I wonder what sea of people it was today.


At 6:58 PM, Blogger Rae said...

It seems like you had so much fun!! You're such a celebrity!

At 7:44 PM, Blogger redlib said...

Rae, aw blush. Not at all.

I did just see a notice on the con site that they closed open registration tomorrow and addressed "inconvenience and dissatisfaction that some people may have felt as a result of overcrowding at the Javits Center on Saturday". I saw that comin' a mile away.

At 8:53 PM, Blogger RAB said...

redlib IS a celebrity, she just doesn't know it yet. Which is the best kind of celebrity. This time next year, people will be asking me "Wow, do you really know her?" And I'll be like, "Well, she spoke to me once..."

You think I'm kidding now, but just you wait and see.

As for the crowding on Saturday: yes, I'll admit I was disconcerted to see state troopers (!) had been called in to enforce the fire marshal's decision to restrict the exhibition hall -- it wasn't closed, but they only allowed in an equal number of people to replace those leaving to keep the occupancy stable -- but it did settle down towards the end of the day. There were no stampedes, and at no point did we have to start eating people to thin the numbers.

At 7:06 AM, Blogger redlib said...

rab- It was so good to meet you on Friday. In fact, I am going to include it in my continued favorite fangirl moments from the con. Glad you made it through Sat too!

At 9:41 AM, Blogger brent d. said...

That's awesome that he remembered you. Maybe he'll model a character after you in the future!!! I'd buy it! (or wait until it was made into a movie =)

At 2:35 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Well, you are one of the more easily visually distinquishable comic bloggers. Being 1)a redhead and 2)a fangirl.

At 4:35 AM, Blogger RAGS. said...

I was nice seeing you again, Red.



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