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Saturday, February 25

Lost a great post--

I just spent 40 mins creating a great post about hour 1 and 2 at the con.
Got a new apple ibook-- and closed the window of Safari without saving by accident. I could cry.
But here are two images, one of the Infinite Crisis sketch I got for going to the retailers breakfast-- CS from Comic Lair told me it sells for $200. We got no breakfast b

And Greg Horn, the current cover artist for She-Hulk. He was busy talking to the guys and didn't pay me much attention (well!). But he was discussing his wife being pregnant with triplets, so I guess the man has a lot going on.


At 2:32 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Hope Greg Horn never reads my blog. But, if you read this one, good luck with the triplets man!

God, I'm so insincere I make myself sick...


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