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Saturday, December 3

Securitas. Salus. Sanctuarium.

Friday the 13th Bloodbath
Mike Wolfer pencils

Camp Tomorrow and the horny young clean up crew lures Jason. Even within the group, they find it odd that they are all orphens or foster kids (no meddling parents asking questions!) and are all so perfectly paired up (you're a miltary kid too? you like Neil Gaiman?). But 'the board' is aware of the 'operation', as Jason goes after the camp staff with a machete.

Brian Pulido gets it with the witty lines "Wasn't hockey cancelled this year? This freak is pissed!"and "Why do I always wind up with the morally conflicted hotties?"

Living in Infamy 1 0f 4
Cover #1 from John Cassaday, 2 from Howard Chaiken, and my fav, 4 from Tim Sale.

"Not so average people choose life outside the law. Which usually leads to friction with the powers-that-be".
Infamy is a town, in the southwest, a witness protection town for 'super villains' that have turned states evidence, and some other people who don't know.
I like the characters, covers like 'the ice cream man' and 'the mechanic'
This story mostly focuses on Shana, Tom, and their son Tyler, with normal marriage problems within this abnormal world. For something new, give it a try.


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