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Thursday, December 1

Babysitting Kirkman

In the latest Walking Dead 24, Robert Kirkman answers a letter and says that yes, Brian Michael Bendis did grow up nearby, and did babysit him and his brother.

I did feel a little squirmy in this WD, because just like many horror, war scenarios all female equality is thrown out and women end up hiding behind some guy and washing clothes. Kirkman had a female reader write that she loves the WD, and even Invincible..he questioned if she was a girl. I may have to write him and tell him I love both too!
"Your not our leader anymore. Four guys with equal votes." "No women?" "No. That's how they wanted it...I think they just want to be protected."
But this dialogue was tight--
"Things have changed. The world has changed- and we're going to have to change with it. This is our life. We're not biding our time- or waiting to be rescued.
We are the walking dead."

K and I spent an hour and half at Comic Lair, harassing the owner and causing a general ruckus. It was fun, after a day of a leaking ceiling at the library and a crazy patron complaining about me. She is called the Dragon Lady and well known to our staff.

I bought Wizard Best of 2005-- lots to comment on--


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