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Wednesday, November 30

Cold November referrals

I've decided that the first of every month I'm going to post the best of RF referrals from the previous month. Sunday monkey covers at Yet Another Comic Blog is the best running feature, natch, but this should be amusing too.

Last month I let 2 librarian coworkers see my blog, and one now calls me girl-fight and the other sexy fighting librarian because of a referral.

The best of November, filtered to PG13 ratings--
  1. nerds like redheads
  2. sexy girl in prayer
  3. redhead banana
  4. trooper groupies
  5. all love is unrequited
  6. redhead or dead
  7. batgirl underoos
  8. supergirl redhead evil half
  9. the axeman of new orleans
  10. no more mutants
  11. sonia sonia red sonia
  12. fan art of evil jester
  13. redheads deviant
  14. how many superman titles will there be in 2006
  15. mr sandman bring me a dream
  16. yummy redhead blog


At 5:25 AM, Blogger Gordon said...

Wasn't "Sexy Fighting Librarian" originally a pulp magazine published in the 1940s?

At 4:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love a well done catfight. Just funny to watch for some male like me.


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