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Wednesday, November 30

See ya Sydney, Jack, Marshall

One of my favorite shows, though very weak the last 2 seasons, will be cancelled in May. Alias

Since JJ began working on Lost, it has been Alias that is the stranded one...Last year, Season 4 was another attempt to start over and lure in new viewers. That dumbed down the entire show, more is Sloane bad or good, and the awful subplot of Sydney's sister (thankfully now in a zombie coma).

Sark does return this week- he is such a smooth, wily villian, so I do look forward to that. I thought killing off Vaughan was handled in a lousy way.


At 3:19 PM, Blogger Shelly said...

I agree the show's been weak, especially this season. I like Syd's sister, tho. As for Vaughn, well, I doubt he's really dead, since Michael Vartan reportedly has been filming the show, to appear in December. I'm eagerly waiting to see if my theory about him is right. :)

Things that hurt the show: Not being able to get Lena Olin to agree to reappear for over a year. JJ's distraction with Lost (I agree with you there). Jennifer Garner's pregnancy. I don't want to see the second tier agents. I want to see Syd.

At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vartan appears in a dream-sequence urging Sydney to "let me go" because "I'm dead." It's apparently a one-time deal.

I agree that losing Lena Olin hurt the show badly (though by the time she came back, it was so dumbed down that they had to dumb HER down to make her fit, rather than raise the bar back to where it used to be), but I think what sunk it was losing the double-agent aspect. And her civilian life.

JJ never ran Lost, though, it was always Damon Lindelof and a partner with more tv production experience (a few people came and went at the top of the first year, before stabilizing with Carlton Cuse).

That said, I really liked the last episode. Jeff Bell (who ran the last two, brilliant years of Angel) is now the showrunner, and he's having more fun with Alias. "Is he still conscious?" "I think so." "Then hit him again!" I'm very much looking forward to the Sark episode (and word is they're negotiating for another 5 appearances).

At 6:19 AM, Blogger Rae said...

We WERE huge Alias fans. Last season was just terrible so we haven't watched this season at all. I loved Sark (he is HOT!) so we may tune back in. Ben Affleck is the spawn of Satan so I blame the show's demise on him. It was SO good the season Vaughn was married to the evil girl. I guess we'll stick to 24 from now on.


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