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Friday, November 25

RF in print in Girls!!

So, here I am in the Pocono Mountains of PA, taking a Thxgiving holiday. I've been busy with eating (go to the Stroudmoor Inn if you are ever here!), shopping, and swimming in the hotel pool- then getting windburn outside because it's freezing cold.

Today I picked up Girls 7 by Jonathan and Joshua Luna, a series that has great artwork, interesting cliffhangers, and getting more character development each issue. And there I was- my letter in the GIRL TALK letters column! Today, I am a rock star. If you read Girls, you can find the letter. If you don't read it, I'll sum up the insomniac night my mind was racing and I was thinking how I love Y the Last Man and Girls.
  • The premise of Y is that Yorick (and his monkey) is the last man on Earth...and the premise of Girls is that naked girls are killing the women of the town.
  • Ethan of Girls and Yorick of Y are similar in appearance - floppy brown hair and personality- don't understand women, witty, self-depricating.
  • So my idea was that the Luna brothers and Brian K. Vaughan should create a crossover, teamup-- the Girls would give Y some of the extra men since they are lacking.

More on my visit to the Encounter comic store, in Stroudsburg, PA when I don't have a slow connection. Happy black Friday to all!


At 5:25 AM, Blogger Simba's Mom said...

That is so exciting! You are famous!

At 7:02 PM, Blogger Rae said...

Yeah, I know a rockstar! That's a really neat looking shopping area. It sounds like you guys had a GREAT Thanksgiving! Much better than our highly painful, family packed holiday. I think I need to go take some more sedatives just thinking about it....

At 7:44 PM, Blogger lauree said...

sounds like you guys had a good time!

I ended up going to EHT at the extreme last minute, since my youngest nephew was well enough to travel. Although, I think he gave me his cold, because now I am sick. I've mostly been sleeping the last 48 hours.


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