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Saturday, November 26

Quit being Oracle?

Since the success of my letter to the Luna brothers, I am going to have to email the talented Gail Simone about the latest Birds of Prey 88 . (Oracle even has a Green Lantern shirt on, just as I have a few blog posts ago!)

The Dinah and Green Lantern scenes are great. The surface small talk, with the subtext "We almost got married, a few lifetimes ago. 'Til he let me down one time too MANY."
But of course, Dinah "really missed the guy". He was rude, arrogant, pushy, preachy and vain. I liked him right away."

A 2 panel near the end of the book is what made my heart jump-- Oracle thinks that if Helena helps take down the Gotham mob..."Could I actually quit being Oracle?"

There are in fandom lots of opinions on this. I can understand the 'Batgirl has moved on, she's much more help as Oracle' view. That's why I try not to read other blogs before I post. No matter how independent we think we are, there's still a need to fit in. If there is blood in the water - a bad review, etc- comic fans are especially brutal. These characters become our identity (and I know I am the worst offender projecting the redhead librarian/Batgirl thing)


At 12:27 PM, Blogger Shelly said...


I'd just read this entry in Bloglines when your comment on my entry came through in a email notice. I've been a fan of Babs since her first appearance more years ago than I care to count. If she remains Oracle or resumes her Batgirl (Batwoman?) identity, she'll always be one of my favs.
And yes, I'm a librarian, too, albeit with dark brown hair (the red highlights are fading now) that's slowly turning white. :)

At 3:59 PM, Blogger Patt said...

Hi again redhead fangirl .As promised i have drwn you as a cartoon .you can pick it up at my blogg.I hope you like it.


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