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Friday, December 2

Line drive in 05

Well, its December, so all that 'best of' stuff starts...
Wizard Man of the Year-- Geoff Johns
He certainly is an overachiever, writing or cowriting 5 major titles-- but none of them are among my personal favorites. I like Infinite Crisis, besides his Power Girl fixation. "His enthusiasm and dedication to execute Crisis..gave not only DC but comics in general a jumpstart that has fans more excited to hit stores each Wed than they have been in years" And everyone always says he's a damn nice guy.

Artist of the Year-- Ethan Van Sciver
See right panel for the pic of me and the Artist of the Year! Wizard has some funny stuff about EVS airbrushing in the Cherry Hill, Jersey mall. He owns a silver PT cruiser with a Green Lantern sticker! His very intricate artwork is the reason every 10th fanboy was wearing a Green Lantern T at the cons. He's sly, and wit with a sharp but dry delivery.

more 2005 opinions soon! How about Fangirl of the Year as a new category? Or redhead librarian fangirl, so I can be sure of a prize?


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