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Wednesday, May 31


Reading comics at Bushkills Falls, PA. A super-hot day and a steep hike, but several great waterfalls for the pay-off.

May referral fun!
Many searches for "Dunkin Donuts swimming soccer ballet oboe" and "class 5 mutants" this month.

Black Canary cosplay
can't rid redhead fetish
"know what they say about redheads"
stargirl feature film casting
Gotham's angel
Cassie Adam american virgin
petition against redheads
Mystique redhead
What is mutancy
legend for redheads
Wolverine hair
all Hulk comics
pulp adventurecon
let's face it Superman, the last time
redhead cliches
Mera aquaman
storie men turned into redheads and dresses
Mary Jane face it tiger

B told me to pick up the Marvel 1970's handbook, pointing out "Hellcow". Bessie rose as a vampire, fed on some farmers, and was hunted by Howard the Duck. First appeared in Giant-Size Man Thing #5 in 1975.
"She could turn to mist and had a distinctive laugh: "hahahamooo".
(Man, the seventies were full of drugs!)

Tuesday, May 30

Who will you stand with?

Seems surprising that X-men 3: The Last Stand was the biggest opening weekend. The producers and director feel that they pulled off an amazing end (yea, right) to the series, but here in the Northeast I think it was because the temperature was melt your face hot. I also saw it in a Poconos theatre without stadium seating, cup holders or being able to move the armrest. Horrors!

So when the movie opened it shocked everyone and trust me, they were drunk at Fox for about a week. No one was expecting the success that they had. I think that they underestimated the fan base for it and how happy the fans were for the movie.

The best X-gossip is that Jackman's wife likes him to wear the Wolverine costume in the bedroom.

Fangirl issues with the film:
I liked it -- seeing Magneto and Xavier interact, Jean as a child (redheaded and sassy), Logan and Scott torn up over her death, and the thoughts of taking away difference or exception by science. And I felt like I wanted to stand on a car after the film with my arms out and attempt to move vehicles.

Best lines for me:
"Not everyone heals as fast as you do Logan" (Scott to Logan about the loss of Jean)
"I don't answer to my slave name" (Mystique)

But I didn't love it.

Too much, yet too little

  • A dozen or so plot lines, lots of characters, but no real gravitas or deep emotions welled up.
  • Halle Berry wanted to be more central, and while I can accept a sort of elder statesmen storyline, that took away from other plot threads.
  • The Rush Hour action influence-- Several times, the wittiest thing a character could say was "blah blah, yadda yadda, BITCH". To Mystique (who got her piece for that), or even young Kitty. I'm not so cool with calling teen girls Bitch, even though she shot back a "Dickhead" at Juggernaut.
  • Did we grieve for Scott (Cyclops) at all? Or was the good guy out of the way a fast means to an end for Jean Grey/Phoenix to jump Wolverine?
  • The appearance of Angel was great, yet after his choice to not get the 'cure', he only flies in once.
  • Beast got a lot of great lines, fight scence, and Kelsey was effective.
  • Too much Kitty, not enough Rogue

Thursday, May 25

Leave, leave it all behind

I've been working on the Couch to 5K that the Mfam have used. I run like I drive- too fast. So this has helped me set a slower and more even pace. Today I ran about 2 miles.

The weather is getting warm, and I have a 4 day weekend. I will go to the beach one day (love reading comics at the beach; I can get through a big stack) and the mountains for a few days.

Have a great holiday weekend! Drink beers, get fresh air, and enjoy!
Next weekend: Wizard World! And leading up to my year of Redhead Fangirl.

Comics Take the Stage At BookExpo

The big mainstream publishers were gearing up for summer tie-ins with blockbuster movies—Superman Returns at DC and X-Men: The Last Stand at Marvel—and also fanning the flames for future titles with star writers: DC is publishing Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier for the holiday season, and Marvel has projects with Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and Eric Jerome Dickey that it will serialize en route to hardcover publication, as well as a hotly anticipated Halo graphic novel.

Meanwhile, Dark Horse was preparing to roll out more Star Wars titles, and a few newer publishers were fielding questions about their own media tie-ins, especially Transformers and forthcoming Oz and Clive Barker projects at IDW, and Family Guy at Devil's Due.

Manga continues to be huge with bookstores and librarians alike, and manga publishers are delving into licensed properties and cross-medium synergy. This year Viz is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Vertigo evolves with original graphic novels
This year, Vertigo's OGN lineup is an exceptionally strong one, with Veitch's Can’t Get No (June), Gilbert Hernandez's Sloth (July) and The Pride of Baghdad by Brian K. Vaughan and Niko Henrichon.
Vertigo executive editor Karen Berger:
We're also working with a number of novelists and screenwriters new to the comics form, so we do spend time guiding them though the visual thinking, structural, storytelling and pacing elements that are unique to our medium.

On the art side, the schedule for art is defined differently for a graphic novel, giving the artist more deadline flexibility from the pressures of producing a monthly comic. The artist also has the opportunity to approach the storytelling and layouts with greater freedom, since there are no ad flat constraints.

Spring Round-Up: Superman to Sandman
By far the most serious of these new releases is Fantagraphics' The Sandman Papers, edited by Joe Sanders ($18.95 paper, ISBN 1-56097-748-5). This is a collection of academic essays concerning Neil Gaiman's now classic Sandman comics series, and demonstrates the intellectual depth that comics can achieve as literature.

Tuesday, May 23

I did it for the monkey, not the boy

Jenna 3
Phillip Osbourne writer, Andre art
"This is real and I'm scared! I'm literally the antichrist!"
Jenna deals with being the antichrist (another redhead devil in lit) , and good vs. evil issues. The art is Jenna is deceiving in that it looks like a sweet Spidey loves Mary Jane type, but the content has gore in the form of exploding heads and sex. And philosophical questions like:
Whose side am I on anyway? The side that wants to kill me? Or the one that wants to worship me?

Her boyfriend Hall finds her on the run "Oh, Jenna, I'm here for you" and after some hot sex, he injects and takes her to those hunting her.
"They saved me. I mean, you're great, but it wasn't meant to be baby."

Many recent comics with female leads can be like a Lifetime movie-- no males can be trusted because they will stab you through the heart as soon as you sleep with them (Ultra, Spider-Woman, Jenna). It can be depressing.

Y the Last Man 45
Sob, only 15 issues left. Dr. Mann finds her mother in Tokyo, who reveals that it was her who told Yorick's mother to "get the male examined by the best scientific mind in the country- her son, the nations most valuable resource- belonged with you"

Yorick and 355 are trapped in a hotel room, and the ever strong 355 actually begins to break down, while Yorick tries to comfort her and plan a "Classic Lando""Before you lay another this-is-a-fine-mess rap on me"

Girls 13
The Luna Brothers
The issue starts with a giant lit-up sperm sucking up female bodies---you have to read 1-12 to come up to speed on the plot line. The Luna Brothers thank fans and retailers, and mention 'another year to go'.

They receive some word by looking through a telescope to see a National Guard sign outside the spherical barrier.
Do not panic. We are trying to help.

The cop boyfriend and other men return, as a few of the men get aroused when trying to restrain the naked girls:
How come no one put any clothes on these damn girls?

52, week 2
America loves Booster Gold!

Am I ready to buy 50 more weeks of this series?

I like the Ralph Dibny storyline, with an upside down S symbol on his wife's grave. And Wonder Girl's place in it all...
Someone leaving a message for me. The one place they know I'll find it.

Renee -Her damaged and alcoholic self-destruction storyline has been going well. I think the lesbians in lace undies scene was a little much. They probably would have tank tops and cotton briefs to sleep in.
Booster Gold and Skeets- I know he's supposed to be over the top, and a commercial and fame whore. We'll see if I warm to this character more.

Bite Club: Vampire Crimes Unit

Howard Chaykin,

Bite Club is great for my dose of raunchy lines.

Risa del Toro "just like Napoleon, the empire is back for a second round."
Hearts are ripped out of two victims, with ties to Risa. The cute Detective Macavoy is on the case.

This issue ends with a very disturbing scene of Yama, tatooed head to toe, being degraded by man sitting in a chair. His identity isn't revealed, but her issues of self-hatred for being a vampire lets her be verbally abused and burned by cigarettes- only to ask for more.

Sunday, May 21

Grouse of M

I've noticed two posts on comic blogs lamenting that they no longer read Marvel titles. By no means is this a random sample, since it was self-selected from blogs I read.
Without being hair trigger about it, these posts plus the outcry to the old Cup O' Joe Quesada statements regarding Spider-man and Mary Jane-- Is there a new upswell of anti-Marvel sentiment?

Requiem for a Marvel Zombie
Over at Marvel, though, the line between good and evil became so blurred that the distinction no longer seemed to matter. Editor & Chief Joe Quesada, who originally supported innovative series like Grant Morrison's New X-Men, led the charge for a brand of "realism" that bore a greater resemblance to utter hopelessness

What if Marvel wasn't dumb?

Earth-X Hardcover
I’m not much for Marvel these days. Sad after a youth spent equally devouring DC and Marvel books. In fact I can’t remember the last time I read a Marvel comic that I could rave about it

Maybe female librarians just like DC better- I searched Shelly's blog to see she only reads one Marvel title.
The only Marvel title I read

Saturday, May 20

Geekin out!

Wizard World programming for Philly is available. Jim Lee, Rags Morales, Geoff John talks about Blade: The Series, Vertigo, Signings! A lot of anime showings, and the hot ticket with Kevin Smith- I'll be diggin' in long boxes then.

Reading Jenna, Bite Club, 52, Y, Moon Knight, Aquaman, American Virgin.

2 library bits: 1)US title output down by 18,000 titles to 172,000 new titles and editions. Less general fiction and nonfiction, more health and sports. [RR Bowker stats]

2)From Media Bistro: Royalty Structure Tames the Wild West

"Like a lot of comic book fans, I've been digging DC Comics' phonebook-sized Showcase Presents collections, which reprint about 500 pages worth of classic comics in black-and-white editions. Most of the material, such as the Superman and Green Lantern omnibuses, comes from the classic Silver Age era of the '50s and '60s, but my favorite so far, a batch of stories starring the antiheroic gunslinger Jonah Hex, covers material from 1970s issues of All-Star Western and Weird Western Tales. I'm not the only one who loves this book with reservations; several fans have asked why the last section of the book abandons Hex in favor of a backup character called "The Outlaw" who isn't nearly as interesting."

Comics fan Christopher Elam passes along an explanation from DC's former reprint editor, Bob Greenberger:
"DC pays a royalty based on a percentage of the cover price to writers, pencillers,and inkers to all material published prior to 1976 and after 1997. For the period in between, the vouchers that were in use called for a set reprint fee to be paid. In some cases, the amount of contractually obligated reprint fees makes the budget for a proposed collection unprofitable. In those cases, DC will either scrap the project or ask the talent involved to waive the reprint fee in lieu of the standard royalty arrangement."
And, sure enough, the final Hex story in the Showcase Presents collection is from late 1975.

Thursday, May 18

Not a Thing, Slott

I like Dan Slott, for his humor, high regard for comic writing, and depth of knowledge about comics. Plus, spending time with him at the MidJersey Comicon, he was one of the nicest, funniest, real guys- no pretentions, or sleeze factor, was present. Just him, lots of great stories, and hard work. He even launched into a personal story of one of his best male friends-- and completely took the woman's side because the friend was just being a dirtbag.

I've really grown to like She-Hulk for the writing, but it took a while to get over her cheesecake dimensions and see the story of a woman, lawyer, and She-Hulk fighting for her identity. And The Thing- so relevant and current in references-- the last one had The Thing busting Spidey for his Iron Spidey costume, having 3 arms (makes you look like you can't count!) and paying him to go back to the red-and-blue classic costume. Sadly, I saw on Comics Fairplay The Thing is cancelled.

There have been a lot of accusations regarding his She-Hulk - Starfox storyline, and turning Starfox into a 'serial rapist'. Dan Slott replied , asking posters just to give him a fair shake.
As he says, he did the research, the story is over, and "chill, biscuit". Believe me, I am the first to cry Foul! if I think a writer or artist is exploitative (see Miller, Quesada, Cho)-- but Slott isn't that. He is a decent man, taking on an awful subject, and trying to take us with him.

I knew it would be difficult. And that's why I did it. I want this book to stretch and to grow. I want it to be limitless in what stories we can tell there-- what subject matter we can take on-- what characters we can explore. I NEVER want to work on a book that falls into a rut-- that fails to surprise. I want to take risks. They won't always work. I know that. But I'd rather reach for something and fail-- then rest safely in the comforts of what comes easy. Please tell me that you want the titles you read to do just that! Please!

Do you want to take on an utter flaming tool? Give it to Erik Larsen.

There simply aren't things of interest to women to be found there. [comic stores]
Not many women read superhero comics, period. The subject matter, most often, does not draw them in.
{Of the 50 things I can respond to here, I'll say: I'm glad you are "willing to concede your wrong".}

One of the reasons given for women not reading comics is the overly developed females that adorn many comic book covers. I find that notion a little ridiculous and somewhat insulting to the intelligence of women. Women aren't stupid.
[Thanks, Erik, high praise from your altar. It's insulting to be told not to be insulted! It's ridiculous to tell me, someone who has studied Physics, Calculus, and Information Science that I can't find it absurd when comic art steers into pornified territory, where women are objectified, then disguised as "female empowered". It does distort attitudes about women, relationships, and sex to damaging effect. ]

Tuesday, May 16

A "cure" for mutancy

X-men: The Last Stand movie was a point of discussion at the reference desk today, with a noncomic reference librarian and a comic reading patron. People are excited for this release in 10 days (much more than the Superman Returns). The addition of Angel, Beast should be interesting. Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix and Mystique will add some redhead-power to the movie...

From the guys at Variant Edition, Joss Whedon will not be using any villians in current Wonder Woman stories (guess that's the whole DC Universe too) in the movie, but creating his own villian. JW has brought me many great stories, but I think that he should cull from the garden of DC.

“It’s sort of shifting under me," says Whedon. "I’m doing more rewriting on this than I am used to. Finding her was fun, and finding the structure of the film was incredibly difficult and fun. I am not bringing in any villains that anyone knows. I will not be bringing in any of the rogues gallery from the comic book. The villain is original to the film.”

Sunday, May 14

Enjoy real life, not some four-color fantasy

Waiting for the #1 subway. Me, C, and my mom spent the day walking around the Village and Soho. And a short side trip to Jim Hanley's Universe, a comic store with great indie and mainstream comics, action figures and T's.

My thoughts and reviews and raves are on my latest podcast. I discuss Mitchell Hundred being revealed as a comic fan in Ex Machina, Gwen Stacy arriving in SlMJ, Iron Spidey and superpowers in liquid form!
Redhead Fangirl comic podcast 2
Ex Machina, Fact vs. Fiction
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man 8
Spider-Man loves Mary Jane
All Star Superman 3
Civil War/52

[From The Week: Good week for: class warfare, after police in Hamburg, Germany, began huting a gang of robbers dressed as superheroes who have been stealing Kobe beef fillets, smoked salmon, and Champagne from upscale shops and restaurants and giving it all to the poor]
Comic Book Guy gets a life! in Bongo Free Comics Day comic is spot-on. He loses his nerd section of his brain, and realizes --
"All these comics are garbage! Why would you want to read this? It's overpriced, vapid, and juvenile, packed with enough grammar mistakes to make a third-grade child blush!"
Big Ethel kills Moose to get Jughead's attention? Oh, Brian Michael Bendis, you've done it again!
Breathe the clean, fresh, mylar-free air!
Absolute favorite line, after a buff comic guy comes along a year later,
"Yes, I've found that not spending twelve hours a day on the Internet debating whether She-Hulk is stronger than Power Girl, leave me more time for personal hygiene!"
Train rides also allowed me to read Hawkgirl 51 (the teeth-baring is too much!), Marvel Team-Up 20, Blue Beetle 2

Friday, May 12


Thanks to David at Yet Another Comic Blog. Using his librarian skills based 5 comics I read, he matched me to Cimarron-- since I like strong female leads with red hair.

Thx to Tom Foss for sending traffic this way. That guy knows his way around graphics.

Chuck Satterlee at Markosia sent a .pdf of Done to Death, horror comic goodness!
A serial-killing book editor out to kill a genre, one writer at a time. An incompetent vampire on a blood-thirsty rampage through a world of faux-darkness. The most famous vampire novelist alive...for the moment. When the three of them cross paths, it's going to get ugly, and it wasn't exactly pretty to begin with. May the best monster win..."
And Of Bitter Souls, #1 this month!
Under the guidance of Pastor Secord, the four flawed heroes will be set loose on the vampires, ghosts, zombies and other supernatural baddies that are so prevalent in New Orleans' legends.

Swamp Thing 25
Joshua Dysart writer, Dean Ormston art
I've never read Swamp Thing, but this was promised to be a standalone. I remember loving the movie with Adrienne Barbeau when I was little {she is also in 2 other favs -The Fog and Creepshow}.
It was romantic, except for a partially chomped off head. Abigail, of the white blonde hair, sees her old love Swamp Thing Alec. The inner thought dialogue is full of longing.

Alec. I guess it's been almost a year since we last saw each other. A year of loneliness. A year of wondering. Wondering what your life was like. What you were doing.

Laying with him, I like how Abigail is beautiful, but real in proportions.

Outside, some weird swamp creatures, including one called Sissy Bob, are sent to get their pound of flesh against her.
"You show dem what it means to have dere world cracked in two" A young runaway that Abigail tries to protect gets in the middle of the mess. Holding the injured girl, Abigail realizes

"I remember how when you're around you make everything seem so amazing...right up until it all turns to shit."

25 in 25

Thx to Bad Librarianship for this list of the 25 most important events in 25 years for comics. Libraries rockin' in at #5 on a list with:
  • Death as a marketing tool
  • Kevin Smith
  • Crossovers
  • #1 The Internet [which lets you read the Redhead Fangirl blog!]
5. Libraries -
Twenty five years ago, you would be lucky to see a few copies of comics kept mixed in with the magazines at a library. In the past ten years or so, though, libraries became more and more cognizant of the great utility of comic books in encouraging young adults and children to read. Nowadays, there are many libraries that have large collections of graphic novels, becoming a starting point for many a new comic fan's entry in the world of comics. It comes as no surprise that many stores have cross-promotions with libraries for Free Comic Book Day, as comic book stores and libraries are now side by side in the hunt to get kids to read comics, each for their own reasons, of course.

Thursday, May 11

They had a fight, Triangle wins, Triangle Man

Oooh, I love a good fire! There were tons of fire sirens and helicopters today in my town-- part of a shopping center went up. I don't want anyone to get hurt, or businesses destroyed, but I love seeing flames. Guess being a water sign, it's the draw of the opposite.

Can't Get No
We've all seen the ads for Rich Veitch's Can't Get No [vertigo, 6/21]. I get an e newsletter PW Comics Week, that included this panel. Detailed and emotional panels- hope the rest is just as good.

I try to have a life outside of comics and the library!
Went to see Convictions, and Australian film - with many Irish actors- at the
Trenton Film Fest last weekend. The story jumps between a man guarding Beacon Hill in 1879 -(is he mad or is it haunted or demonic?) and 1969 where a college student Melanie tries to learn the truth. Turns out the director won the Best Foreign Film- Director. I loved the cinematography and unusual shots in the black and white flashbacks and the stormy night of 1969. This film fest has grown in the last few years, getting more films and promotion each year.

Getting my yearly live dose of They Might Be Giants this Friday in Philly! The live show is always tight, smart, and fun. If you haven't listened to TMBG since the Ana Ng, Birdhouse in your Soul, Particle Man days-- Mink Car and Indestructible Object are recent releases worth your time.
And, you are probably hearing the 5 original songs in the Dunkin Donuts ads-- today I heard "It's superhot so I don't want to mow the lawn"

Soon: Swamp Thing 25, Friendly Neighborhood Spidey 8, Catwoman 54 and Spidey loves Mary Jane --- and the arrival of the blonde rival Gwen Stacy!

Monday, May 8

Ego and love of pontificating

Quiet, please-- the librarian has some comic reviews!

Green Arrow 61 OYL
Judd Winick isn't my favorite comic writer, but the Ollie Queen as mayor storyline is pretty funny. Arrogant, brash, with power-- that's sort of an obvious fit for Green Arrow. But of course, Brian K. Vaughan's Ex Machina sets a nearly insurmountable bar for the politician/superhero.

What becomes of the rabble-rouser who becomes the man?

He's a progressive mayor: Gay marriages performed every Friday.

Save the city by turning it into a "giant plastic wearhouse with casinos and high rise condos. Buries the underclass that stayed"

My ego and love of pontificating would have sought out politics sooner.

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. All I needed was a good entrance.

Ion Guardian of the Universe
Ron Marz writer, Greg Tocchini artist

"I'm just an average guy, I didn't ask for any of this" is the essence of the Ion comic.
Kyle Rayner is off at an artist retreat. He's brooding about his last three- dead- girlfriends. He has the floppy hair, open shirt artist thing down pat. An a pierced belly, tatooed, and, sigh, girl who doesn't speak moves in next door.

"My luck with women, she's probably better off staying away from me anyway. I stick with my art and my job for a while. {Woe is me boy! Artist guy with women troubles-- that's like a template for getting girls}

This line touched me- "A year since Jen died and gave me her gift. And I still miss her, despite how things ended with us. A year of keeping everyone at arm's length"

But he is being drawn back to being "ion" the Torch Bearer.
I agree with the Silver Bullet Review that the art is disappointing and the story somewhat confusing. I haven't heard any real praise for this title.

Sunday, May 7

You shouldn't exist Powergirl!

Lots of free comics today! Did you know that "Free Comic Day" is free for us, but not for the comic store owners? They do pay for all the comics we scarf up.

The end of Infinite Crisis and the start of Civil War. Infinitely Civil? Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end....

Infinite Crisis 7
I guess I lean more toward the DC Universe than the Marvel one. It was the years of watching Superfriends, Batman and Superman movies. However, there are still many characters and histories that I'm just starting to grasp (Flashes, Green Lanterns, Superboy). I do get off on the big two page spreads of all the heroes in flight or in motion. You have to say you get a bang for your bucks here-- some of the pages had 8 panels,and insets, and then the words! Geoff Johns goes for the big strokes here, lots of catch phrases "You're road kill!" and "I need more power" and "take to the skies". In a grand Earth changing series, I suppose that makes sense. And it was an all out fight, but I thought there were just a few too many bloody fist and blood covered face panels.
There was a quick tie in to the Villians United special- "the society opened every metahuman prison". Simone did a great job with that one, as we expect.
And I liked the "You shouldn't exist Powergirl. Trillions were erased. But you slipped through the cracks" [how the hell can Kara slip through anything?] At least near the end, in a big weepy scene, only her face is shown, and not just her chest.

I think the weekly 52 series, having 4 major writers and many artists, is still a very ambitious gambit. A year without Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman? Well, maybe this will let my beloved Oracle become even more important. And Nightwing isn't dead, is he? They just left him bloody in the Alex-Batman fight.

Civil War 1
Today I heard a guy in the comic store say "I hate Mark Millar". I don't have that strong a sentiment about his writing. I do think that this series dips a bit too close to the real world- reality TV, political registrations, badges and reform.
As a librarian, I think the "turn us into to civil servants?"-- as if that is the worst horror- was pretty funny. The paperwork and perserverance it takes to get in the civil servant system can take superhuman powers!
"This is the start of the witch hunts,honey"
"Who's been telling kids for years that they can live outside the law as long as they wear tights?"

Daredevil: This is the end of the way we do business. You can smell it in the air.

But, Captain America is one of the "rebels" against the superhero registration act? Reed Richards, Tony Stark...against Luke Cage, and Daredevil. Spider-man seems like more of a fence sitter.

"The plan will split us down the middle". We have 6 more parts to show us exactly how the superheros will be split up. Hopefully Joe Q doesn't make Mary Jane a sacrifice in this Civil War.

Thursday, May 4

Peter Parker hit the jackpot

I've compiled some links on the Peter Parker- Mary Jane marriage and Joe Q-less and his vitriolic hate of their relationship. It might have been in "Web of Romance", but there was a scene where Peter sees MJ watching basketball with Luke Cage and Tony Stark, and just admires her charisma and spunk. It almost brought me to tears, and that is why I love them together. Average guy scores super-hot redhead? Who really loves him? Yea, lets break that up.

This all started from a two sentence post I saw at 2 Guys Buying comics. Chris, I respect you too much to believe your 'inclined to agree with him'.

Silver Bullet comics The petition to keep Spidey and Mary Jane together!
This petition is to let Mr. Quesada and Marvel know that fans enjoy Spider-Man being married to Mary Jane. They have already tried killing off MJ and an extended period of separation between the two. It didn't work. There is a history and relationship there that fans don't want to be thrown out. Mr. Quesada has apparently made the decision to destroy this 19 year marriage based on his own opinions of who Spider-Man should be.

CBR forums
I would argue that marrying MJ was Peter's happy ending.

Comics should be good has some great comments regarding this...
Iron Lungfish said...
Every time Quesada opens his mouth I just think to myself, "THIS moron is running Marvel Comics?" I'm hard-pressed to name a single instance where he's demonstrated a keen and intuitive understanding of what makes any given character work (as the most recent Newsarama feature painfully demonstrates). At best he offers vague generalities; at worst he completely fails to understand the appeal of the very characters and titles he's in charge of.

Matthew Craig said...
Stick with Mary Jane? Why the hell not: after all, she's as integral to the series as Lois Lane is to Superman. She was on the scene before Gwen Stacy, she was there for Peter after Gwen died, and more importantly, she's capable of a life outside of the relationship. Can Lois Lane say that?

Joe Quesada is a dumbass

Reporting on Marvels and Legends
Seems Joey Q said Peter Parker and Mary Jane being married is a mistake, and they need to fix it. Only problem is Joe Questionable-Intelligence feels there's too much history to be able to split them apart.

Spidey's marriage to Mary Jane: Good, Bad, or Neutral

Wednesday, May 3

Mad at Joe Q!

"While we can write and create wonderful stories about a married Peter Parker, we could create even better ones about a single one. "

Argh! I absolutely disagree with Joe Quesada regarding how much better it would be if Spidey were not married to Mary Jane. They just want to have the drama of juggling different women, like Batman has. How about growth, maturity, relationships-- some of the things that have played out in Spidey. Marvel just wants some teen boy fantasy of wall climbing and chick grabbin'. It makes me mad. Just like the whole jedi should not be married, and must be alone. There's nothing wrong with any choice, being single, married, living with someone. If someone is in love, they commit to another person in some way. Heroes always have the trauma of putting someone they love in danger, hell, those are half the stories sometimes. But don't rip apart Spidey and MJ for some teen sex romp fantasy, Joe!

Tuesday, May 2

If the sky that we look upon

...should tumble and fall, or the mountains should crumble to the sea. Playing this on my guitar this week. Such a simple and powerful song Stand by me is. My guitar teacher says I have excellent technique-- my pinky is in the upper echelon for placement. Ha, Josh Homme and Dave Grohl and The Donnas!

Tomorrow is the release of Infinite Crisis 7. We are deep in the One Year Later books, and 52 will start filling in that missing year. Where heroes more noble, and accessible back in the Crisis on Infinite Earth days? Have our dark and gritty want of the "real" overwhelmed the justice, honor and what it means to be a hero? I know IC attempted to meld that debate into this comic series. I haven't read all the OYLs, but like where Birds of Prey and Catwoman are going, Batman was OK, and even liked the Ollie as horndog mayor in Green Arrow OYL.

What Marvel is calling "the most anticipated book of the year" [well, that's up for debate], Civil War, written by Scotsman Mark Millar and pencilled by Steve gaptooth McNiven. 48 pages, $3.99.
Suddenly the great mutant population had been reduced to a mere fraction of its former size. Then the Hulk seemed to vanish. Disassembled, decimated, and divided (alliteration always works!), the world is growing darker. Civil War, it seems is inevitable. The world is holding it's breath. Who will fire...When heroes fight, who is the villian? Whose side are you on?

Free comic book MONTH at Yet Another Comics Blog -- proving that librarians are indeed the coolest people on earth, David is matching people with free comics every day for a month! Send him 5 comics you read and he might mail you something he thinks you'd like!

Monday, May 1

Oddfellows referrals

Wizard World Philly is about one month away. Besides seeing Rags Morales and friends at Geek Boy, Markosia Publishers and Welcome Back comics, the guest list wasn't popping. But they added Geoff Johns -- one of the nicer and more attractive comic men in the realm. And I missed Jim Lee at the NY con-- dare me to start a dust up over the All Star Barman and Robin and the inherent sexism in the art? If anyone out there will be at WWPhilly, let me know!

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