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Friday, May 12


Thanks to David at Yet Another Comic Blog. Using his librarian skills based 5 comics I read, he matched me to Cimarron-- since I like strong female leads with red hair.

Thx to Tom Foss for sending traffic this way. That guy knows his way around graphics.

Chuck Satterlee at Markosia sent a .pdf of Done to Death, horror comic goodness!
A serial-killing book editor out to kill a genre, one writer at a time. An incompetent vampire on a blood-thirsty rampage through a world of faux-darkness. The most famous vampire novelist alive...for the moment. When the three of them cross paths, it's going to get ugly, and it wasn't exactly pretty to begin with. May the best monster win..."
And Of Bitter Souls, #1 this month!
Under the guidance of Pastor Secord, the four flawed heroes will be set loose on the vampires, ghosts, zombies and other supernatural baddies that are so prevalent in New Orleans' legends.

Swamp Thing 25
Joshua Dysart writer, Dean Ormston art
I've never read Swamp Thing, but this was promised to be a standalone. I remember loving the movie with Adrienne Barbeau when I was little {she is also in 2 other favs -The Fog and Creepshow}.
It was romantic, except for a partially chomped off head. Abigail, of the white blonde hair, sees her old love Swamp Thing Alec. The inner thought dialogue is full of longing.

Alec. I guess it's been almost a year since we last saw each other. A year of loneliness. A year of wondering. Wondering what your life was like. What you were doing.

Laying with him, I like how Abigail is beautiful, but real in proportions.

Outside, some weird swamp creatures, including one called Sissy Bob, are sent to get their pound of flesh against her.
"You show dem what it means to have dere world cracked in two" A young runaway that Abigail tries to protect gets in the middle of the mess. Holding the injured girl, Abigail realizes

"I remember how when you're around you make everything seem so amazing...right up until it all turns to shit."


At 12:36 PM, Blogger Mark said...

"I've never read Swamp Thing"

Really, you gotta check out Alan Moore's run in SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING. Should be easy to request yourself in the trades: essential stuff, and the first time he got to exercise his deconstructionalist muscles in the U.S., fresh from his double breakthrough on Marvelman and V For Vendetta in WARRIOR. The birth of the entire Vertigo "house style", and Moore at his most lyrical.

At 5:29 PM, Blogger redlib said...

OK, Marky, I have requested Mr. Moore's ST through our library catalog, and will soon be immersed in it!

At 2:47 PM, Anonymous The Other Randy said...

If you haven't already read it, since we're on the subject of Alan Moore, don't forget to check out one of MY favorite stories of all time. That would be THE WATCHMEN. Sure the ending might not be what you're expecting, but it was still a great read.


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